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YANMAR Highlights Sustainable Innovations in Diesel Technology on Corporate Review

February 24, 2015
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

YANMAR Highlights Sustainable Innovations in Diesel Technology on Corporate Review

YANMAR recently highlighted its innovations in diesel technology over the company’s 100-plus year history on a 30 minute segment of Corporate Review hosted by Jackie Bales. Airing on Sunday, March 1 at 11:30 a.m. EST on Fox Business Network and 4:30 p.m. EST on Bloomberg, the episode features an in-depth interview with Ted Bregar, Chairman of YANMAR America Corporation, and Ken Okuyama, Director of YANMAR Holdings Co., Ltd.

From the time of the company’s founding in 1912 and introduction of the world’s first commercially viable small diesel engine in 1933, YANMAR has been leading the way in the power industry, specifically in terms of clean engine technology. The company has always been committed to developing technologies to position it as a leader in harvesting power to contribute to an environmentally-sustainable society both now and into the future. Today, the company, with offices in more than 17 countries, is involved in a multitude of market segments, including diesel engines for off-road applications, marine diesel engines for pleasure and commercial use, construction and agricultural equipment and energy systems products.

On the importance of this particular interview segment for today’s business market, Vice President of Programming of Corporate Review, JL Haber, said, “Our mission is to introduce our viewers to corporations with innovative and effective solutions to existing business problems. YANMAR’s focus on environmentally responsible power makes it an important player in the diesel engine market.”

Bregar’s opening comments in the segment highlight how the diesel engine technology of today is much cleaner and more powerful than ever before; “The biggest challenge in today’s small engine segment is centered on ensuring environmental protection. While reciprocating engines are integral to our way of life, there are natural concerns over their impact on the environment. We like to let people know that modern diesel engines produce fewer CO2 emissions than any other internal combustion engine. Additionally, the diesel particulate filter also eliminates the majority of harmful emissions.”

Ken Okuyama expounded on Bregar’s comment saying that in fact, the air coming out of YANMAR’s diesel engines is normally cleaner than the air around the engine. This result in cleaner air is no coincidence, as from the very beginning, YANMAR has been focused on eco-sensitivity thanks to the company’s founder’s missions of “to conserve fuel is to serve mankind” and “grateful to serve for a better world.”

To watch the full interview and learn more about YANMAR’s technologies and plans for the future, tune into Fox Business Network on March 1 at 11:30 a.m. EST or Bloomberg at 4:30 p.m. EST. The full-length segment can also be watched online at


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