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Leading Cartagena Pilot Company Chooses YANMAR Commercial Marine Engines Again

March 9, 2015
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Leading Cartagena Pilot Company Chooses YANMAR Commercial Marine Engines Again

When purchasing a marine engine, every customer looks for a variety of factors, including the brand’s reputation, service network and of course, their specific engine offerings. In the case of Tecnimar S.A.S., all of these aspects played a positive role in their selection of YANMAR 6HYM-WET engines for not only one application, but now, also for a second.

Tecnimar, a maritime company established in 1973, provides pilot and other related services to assist vessels in arrival, mooring, unmooring and departure to and from major Colombian ports in Cartagena, Coveñas and Tumaco.

In 2013, Tecnimar installed its first set of 650 mhp 6HYM engines in its new pilot/crew boat MALMO. The propulsion package included marine gears ZF325-1 ratio 1.05 and Hamilton WaterJets. Exceptionally designed by Boska Marine and built by Lobell’s Custom Boats in Louisiana, MALMO transports pilots, agency personnel and authorities on a daily basis without missing a day of work due to the engines since it started operation in July 2013. Today, the company is in the process of building a second pilot/crew boat, VIKINGA, featuring these same YANMAR engines.

The 13.7-liter 6HY engine series from YANMAR offers engines in a variety of horsepower ratings, including 500 mhp at 1,950 rpm, 600 mhp at 2,100 rpm, 650 mhp at 2,150 rpm and 700 mhp at 2,200 rpm. This series is IMO Tier II compliant for use in non-EPA regulated areas, and offers fully mechanical control along with a purpose built marine design, including a long service interval and minimum special tools needed. As with all YANMAR commercial marine diesels, these engines are manufactured in Japan at the Tsukaguchi Plant using a cell production system that allows for the complete engine assembly to be done by one person to ensure maximum quality, efficiency and durability.

When asked why the company chose YANMAR, Roberto Cavelier, general manager for Tecnimar, said, “YANMAR has a very good global reputation for reliability, so it made sense to install the 6HYM engines when we found out that their compact design fit perfectly in our boats for what we need.”

Cavelier continued on to say that the company has had a great experience so far with the engines that are installed in MALMO. For him, another important aspect when choosing an engine company is the level of service. “Whenever we have needed help with preventative or corrective maintenance, TODOMAR has been a local and reliable support for us. We have also received excellent service from our local YANMAR representative.”

Todomar C.H.L. Marine H.S.H., the YANMAR dealer in Cartagena, is a manufacturer of commercial and sport boats and launches. They provide solutions and supplies for all kinds of marine products to service marinas and shipyards and ship owners.

As if the repeat order of YANMAR commercial engines wasn’t testament enough, Cavelier concluded, “We are very happy with the performance of these engines, and I am very excited to install the second pair in our new boat. I definitely recommend YANMAR commercial engines to others due to their reliability and because of the company’s dedication to local service. We plan to do business with YANMAR and TODOMAR for many years to come.”