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YANMAR Opens Next-Generation Remote Support Center

April 2, 2015
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

YANMAR Opens Next-Generation Remote Support Center

On April 1, 2015, YANMAR proudly opened its next-generation Remote Support Center. The facility will provide “total support” based on data analytics for all of YANMAR’s business operations, including SmartAssist and Ships-Supporter. 

In 1984, YANMAR Energy System Co., Ltd (YES) began providing remote support for its generators on an isolated island in Okinawa, Japan, a first for the industry. YES collected operating data of the generators, allowing for continuous monitoring and customer support.

Building upon YES’ years of experience and technological innovation, the new center will also backup YANMAR products that utilize SmartAssist, which enables machinery such as tractors and combines, to send data to the center for thorough analysis.

The data provides a range of efficiency-enhancing solutions for YANMAR products; these solutions allow customers to optimize performance and conduct preventative maintenance, maximizing product service life.

  1.        Name:                  YANMAR Remote Support Center
  2.        Location:              Umeda Gate Tower (A five-minute walk from YANMAR’s new headquarters)      
  3.        Established:          April 1, 2015
  4.        Representative:     T. Saeki, Senior Manager

Core Aims:

  • Centralized monitoring and year-round emergency contact: Personnel are always present for seamless monitoring in real-time, enabling YANMAR to capitalize on data-driven work operations. Beyond performance optimization, the center also provides machinery tracking for theft deterrence. 
  • Showcasing YANMAR’s next-generation service: YANMAR customers may tour the ultra-modern center, enabling them to see first-hand how YANMAR is providing services that go well beyond customer expectations. The tours illuminate the vast spectrum of industries that YANMAR is involved in, and will also show how data analysis can lead to increased profitability. 
  • Taking advantage of data to provide premium service: The facility will act as a center for data-driven innovations in years to come, enabling timely revenue-boosting modifications to your equipment and work practices.

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