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YANMAR to Establish Bio Innovation Center in Kurashiki, Japan

June 9, 2015
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

YANMAR to Establish Bio Innovation Center in Kurashiki, Japan

In an ever changing world that is placing more and more importance on sustainable food production, YANMAR’s expertise in the domains of agriculture and fisheries is being used to stay at the forefront of ground-breaking research that will lead to a more sustainable future. As part of this effort, YANMAR is pleased to announce that plans are underway for a new Bio Innovation Center in Kurashiki, Japan; the new research facility will be the company’s second with the first having opened in January 2015 in Osaka, Japan.

At the Kurashiki Lab, YANMAR, as well as other participating companies and domestic and international research institutes will carry out and collect data on a diverse spectrum of bioresearch in fruit and vegetable cultivation. Key areas of biotechnology research will involve climate control and tissue cultures to produce food with the highest level of safety under extremely efficient practices. By proactively supporting open innovation, YANMAR hopes that the new Kurashiki center will facilitate research that benefits all of society.

Facility Outline:

Name: Bio Innovation Center – Kurashiki Lab.

Location: Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture, Japan

Planned Operationg: August, 2016

Site: Approximately 6 acres

Research Area: Approximately 5,382 square feet

Testing Areas: Approximately 1.5 and .5 acres

Manager: A. Konishi

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