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YANMAR America Installs First Gas Heat Pump in United States

June 24, 2015
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

YANMAR America Installs First Gas Heat Pump in United States

YANMAR America’s Energy Systems division is proud to announce that it has successfully installed and commissioned its first Gas Heat Pump (GHP) system for the United States at Adairsville City Hall in Adairsville, GA. The new city hall features a 16 ton (56 kW) 3-pipe outdoor unit, as well as 15 indoor units, including 2x2 ceiling cassette and ceiling duct types.

Pam Madison, City Manager for City of Adairsville, commented, “The City of Adairsville is excited to be a demonstration site for the YANMAR GHP. Not only because YANMAR is a local business, but also due to the potential job creation once the product has been EPA approved and begins distribution from our city.”

Adairsville City Hall will serve as an office space for city officials, a utility bill payment collection office and central space for town hall meetings in this northwest Georgia town, which is also home to YANMAR’s regional headquarters for the North, South and Central American markets. The new GHP system will allow for simultaneous heating and cooling in the building, as well as provide 13 separate zones for maximizing the system’s and building’s efficiency.

Office buildings such as this one are ideal settings for YANMAR’s GHP product because building owners are able to reduce overall electrical usage costs and demand charges, lower their carbon footprint, centralize controls and monitor the system’s operating parameters to optimize efficiencies.

In addition to offices, GHP air conditioning systems are ideal for both new and retrofit installations in education and healthcare facilities, hotels, restaurants, multi-unit housing and other commercial buildings. By using energy from natural gas to power YANMAR’s own learn-burn gas engine, which then drives the heat pump that transfers large amounts of cooling and heating between the building (indoor units) and outside air (outdoor unit), the system provides an efficient, cost effective solution with a small footprint to building owners.

To learn more about GHP and to see if it could be a good fit for your building, please contact YANMAR America at For more information about YANMAR America’s other Energy Systems products, visit