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Gulf Coast Work Boat Receives YANMAR’s New EPA Compliant Commercial Engine

June 29, 2015
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Gulf Coast Work Boat Receives YANMAR’s New EPA Compliant Commercial Engine

More than 60 years of worldwide experience plus an engine designed specifically for the United States market has made a winning combination for YANMAR’s new EPA compliant commercial engine application. Push boat Sherry L, owned by E Squared Marine Services, LLC from Texas and repowered by Laborde Products, now operates even more quietly and with better fuel consumption thanks to its new 6AYAM-ET engines. In fact, according to data collected from the ship’s operation, the new engines consume 24 gallons of fuel per hour when operating at 510 mhp, resulting in an average savings of 1 to 1.5 gallons per hour over the engines they replaced.

With a need for 24 hours of continuous operation each day pushing inland barges from Channelview to Galveston and on intercostal waterways, the Sherry L can’t afford to take a day off. Thanks to its new 755 mhp engines equipped with SmartAssist, it won’t have to. YANMAR’s unique SmartAssist technology allows the engines to be monitored remotely to ensure ideal operating conditions. And, when it’s time for maintenance, the system will send out a reminder, so that maintenance can be completed on the boat’s schedule to make sure it stays in operation the maximum amount of time possible.

The 61’ Sherry L is a twin screw steel Push Boat of 152 DWT built by A&B Industries of Morgan City. The installation of the 6AYAM-ET engines was an easy repower with a propulsion package that kept the existing set of Twin Disc marine gears MG5170DC ratio 5.03, as well as existing shafts and propellers. The monitoring system consists of a conventional harness with instrument panel, and an optional M200C system that converts conventional engine data into CAN bus protocol. The engines installed work with a dual circuit (HT-LT) cooling water system, and are equipped with factory installed air starters.

Tommy Echols, co-owner of E Squared, commented, “These engines perform better than expected, while also offering quieter operation than the engines they replaced and over any other engine I have ever installed in a tug. The fuel consumption is also exceeding expectations especially for the engine’s horsepower range.”

The 6AYAM-ET is YANMAR’s newest EPA regulated commercially rated engine. With an operating performance of 755 mhp at 1,900 rpm and 20.38 liters of displacement, this 6 in-line cylinder mechanical engine is expected to be a workhorse on the United States waterways for years to come. Key features of this engine include a 500-hour service interval, torque characteristics for stable cruising, purpose built marine design including mechanically controlled injection pumps and conventional injectors designed for easy inspection and an internal exhaust gas recirculation system that doesn’t require any external control devices.

E Squared, a company offering all types of marine transportation in the Gulf Coast, chose Laborde Products, YANMAR’s local distributor, and this particular YANMAR engine not only because it met the stringent EPA Tier III requirements and fit their size and horsepower requirements, but also due to previous good experience working with Laborde.

When asked if he would recommend these new engines to others, Echols replied, “Definitely; when these engines are available for mass distribution, I will highly recommend them to any company that needs the power these engines produce. They are a great addition to the commercial diesel market since there is no other manufacturer that has this 750-800 mhp rating.”