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YANMAR America Managers Attend YANMAR Leadership Program

July 2, 2015
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

YANMAR America Managers Attend YANMAR Leadership Program

In an effort to promote effective management skills throughout the YANMAR Group Companies, Yanmar Co. Ltd.’s Human Resources Development Group recently facilitated a YANMAR Leadership Program at YANMAR America’s headquarters from June 23-25, 2015. Participating in this program on behalf of YANMAR America were Justin Rupar, Arne Irwin, David Morice, Keith Wainwright and Tony Wilson.

The three day program was designed to develop global leaders who are capable of achieving mid-term strategies and promoting future company growth using the YANMAR 5 Management Guiding Principles and YANMAR 11 Guiding Principles. Both sets of principles were established to encourage managers and employees to perform at their highest level, while also striving to achieve the mission statement.

Specific objectives for participants of this leadership training included improving self-awareness to develop flexibility as a manager, defining and implementing a team project, reviewing priorities in light of changing circumstances, developing skills in negotiation and communication and managing the emotional dimensions of a team. These objectives were met through a series of specific sessions and team building activities conducted throughout the program.

David Morice, Business Unit Manager for Construction Equipment, viewed the experience as something to help the company’s development moving forward. “Sharing the company's, as well as the Business Unit’s vision, with employees will be a high priority to develop a more cohesive team to achieve our goals."

Additionally, Arne Irwin, Business Unit Manager for the Energy Systems Division, believes this type of training is a great resource for developing current and future managers. “When I first became a manager of people (at another company), there was no training on how to transition into management or how to manage; it was left up to me to observe other leaders and try to practice positive behaviors. I can tell you that it was a frustrating road filled with trial and error. I recommend that upcoming YANMAR America leaders in our various departments have an opportunity to participate in leadership training provided by the company, so that they can begin to learn tools and processes to aid them in their transition towards leadership.”

While this is one of many leadership trainings that will be held in the coming months, it was a positive experience for everyone involved, and these activities will continue to be a crucial piece of the company’s success moving forward towards the next 100 years.