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YANMAR Flying Y Building Receives “New Office Promotion Award”

August 28, 2015
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

YANMAR Flying Y Building Receives “New Office Promotion Award”

YANMAR’s new head office, which opened in Osaka, Japan in November 2014, received the “New Office Promotion Award” from Japan-based Nikkei Inc. and the New Office Promotion Association. YANMAR was selected along with 12 other companies from a total of 134 nominees

This award is presented to national enterprises that adopt an innovative approach to office layout and design, substantially improving workplace functionality and enhancing employee comfort. Social contributions, such as minimization of environmental impact and improvements to the local community are also core criteria in the selection process.  

The new headquarters is built on the very site on which the company was originally established in 1912. Symbolically called the “YANMAR FLYING-Y BUILDING,” the structure incorporates YANMAR’s latest technologies in the various domains in which it operates, positioning it as a truly environmentally friendly facility. The building makes full use of YANMAR’s energy-saving power products, while also employing a wide array of eco-friendly technologies that reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50% compared to conventional buildings.

The versatile floor layout facilitates multifaceted collaboration, while the minimal number of interior walls enhances communication, heralding a new era in office functionality and dynamics. The novel and inspiring design is suitable for the company’s new headquarters, a hub of communication where YANMAR’s message is transmitted to the world.


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