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News Release

Yanmar to Commence Sales of ViO20-6 2-ton Class True ZeroTail Swing Mini Excavator Outside Japan

October 1, 2018
Yanmar Co., Ltd.


Fukuoka, Japan (October 01, 2018)―Yanmar Construction Equipment Co., Ltd. (YCE), a group company of Yanmar Co., Ltd., will commence sales outside Japan of the ViO20-6 2-ton class True Zero Tail Swing mini excavator from October 2018. The model shares the same characteristic compact body as other excavators from the series, with additional enhanced fuel economy as well as improved safety and ease of maintenance. Furthermore, its compact design enables it to operate effectively in narrow workplaces and to be easily transported by truck.

YCE has a vision to build a society where everyone can enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling life, and is endeavoring to realize this vision with safe, high-performance construction equipment for the construction of homes, infrastructure maintenance, and other forms of city planning.

Product Outline

Product Name: ViO20-6
Start of Sales : October 2018
Main Specs :

Model ViO20-6
Engine Model YANMAR 3TNV76
Operating Weight (kg) 2,165
Rated Output (kW/min-1) 14.3/2,400
Bucket Capacity, standard (m3) 0.06
Max Digging Force, Bucket (kN) 16.3 (with quick coupler)
  • Specifications may differ depending on the region.
  • Not available in some areas

Main Features

(1) Fuel-efficient operation

The ViO20-6 features two standard-equipped functions that have a demonstrated effect on fuel efficiency: Eco-mode, which effectively controls engine speed, and Auto Deceleration, which automatically decreases engine speed when the operation lever is placed in the neutral position. Moreover, this model is equipped with Yanmar made eco-friendly diesel engine.

(2) Efficient operation

The ViO20-6 is equipped with a large, LED-backlit LCD monitor that allows the operator to monitor operating conditions and alerts the operator in the event of malfunction. In addition to adopting an LED on the built-in boom light, Yanmar has newly added a spring steel cylinder rod guards to protect the hydraulic cylinder and improve durability. Moreover, the one-touch open hood design results in shorter maintenance times, as the rear hood and side hood are designed to open and close without the use of tools.

<LCD Monitor>
<Built-in boom light (LED)>
<Rear and Side hoods>

(3) Standard-equipped with Yanmar's SMARTASSIST Remote technology

Our construction equipment is equipped with GPS and communication technology for geolocation, while the system also lets Yanmar remotely monitor your machine, allowing us to stay on top of maintenance intervals, quickly identify machine issues and provide service and support at all times.

  • The contents of this news release reflect what was mentioned in the press announcement. Please be aware that the contents of this release may differ with new information and developments.

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