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YANMAR 2019 Industrial Engine Center Meeting

April 18, 2019
YANMAR America

YANMAR America’s Industrial Engine Division hosted its Engine Centers at the company’s renowned EVO//CENTER in Acworth, GA. The two-day “Partners in Success” meeting focused on informative and educational events sharing YANMAR’s extensive plans and activities for growth. Working together, YANMAR and its Engine Centers are poised for new and better things to deliver to manufacturers.

The meeting generated a lot of great feedback from our Engine Centers. “We have been selling YANMAR products for close to 30 years, and I can’t think of a time more exciting than now to sell YANMAR engines. We want to thank YANMAR for listening, for the new products, new inventory strategy, and new pricing. We have a lot to be excited about,” stated Tim Malloy with Northstar Power, LLC in Ankeny, IA.

Michael Freigy, Branch Manager from Diesel-Bec in Moncton, NB Canada added, “This is a fantastic meeting. I can see where YANMAR is focused on the future. We look forward to working with YANMAR and our customers to build success. In fact, this is the best Engine Center meeting I’ve ever been to.”

“It is easy to put words out there to create a message, but YANMAR’s investment in their people, training, products, the vision of the EVO//Center, and the community show the Engine Centers they truly believe in being “Partners in Success!” We are encouraged and empowered to be partners with YANMAR and look forward to what we can do together,” expressed Brian Wendt, President of Bell Power Systems in Essex, CT.

“I am very proud of the relationship building that has taken place at this meeting between our Industrial Engine Division and our Engine Center partners. With the changes we are implementing along with the dedicated support of our Engine Center partners, YANMAR is well positioned for long term growth and excellent market support,” says Tim Fernandez, President of YANMAR America Corp.

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