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Yanmar America Celebrates Future Leaders on National Intern Day

July 27, 2023
Yanmar America Corporation

Yanmar’s interns on National Intern Day.

Adairsville, GA (July 27, 2023) - Yanmar America, a global leader in industrial equipment, proudly celebrates its talented group of interns who joined the company for a valuable 9-week learning experience. The ten interns worked at Yanmar America’s Adairsville Headquarters, Acworth EVO Center campus, and Midtown offices contributing their skills and enthusiasm to various departments within Yanmar America.

"Yanmar America is thrilled to celebrate the achievements and contributions this exceptional group of interns have made to our organization," said Selena Galmon, Yanmar America's Human Resources Director. "Our internship program offers a unique opportunity for talented individuals to gain hands-on experience in their respective fields while working alongside experienced professionals. We believe in investing in the next generation of professionals and providing them with the resources and mentorship they need to thrive.”

Through their time at Yanmar America, they gained valuable insights into the industry and contributed fresh perspectives to the company's ongoing initiatives. On National Intern Day, Yanmar America's interns will have a special opportunity to showcase their hard work and accomplishments by presenting their capstone projects to executive management, demonstrating the valuable insights and contributions they have made during their 9-week learning experience. With diverse backgrounds and experience in fields such as engineering, computer science, finance, and film & media arts, these ten interns have been actively involved in various departments, providing fresh perspectives and collaborating on meaningful projects.

Yanmar America’s interns have also supported the company’s efforts in the local community. The interns worked at the Good Neighbor homeless shelter to paint and clean a house making it ready for a transitional family to move in.

On National Intern Day, Yanmar America expresses gratitude to its interns and looks forward to their future successes. With ten interns in Yanmar's Internship Program 2023, growing from six in 2022, the company aims to foster talent and empower the next generation of professionals in the industrial equipment sector. Yanmar remains committed to providing a valuable platform for interns to kickstart their careers and make a positive impact in the industry.

Meet Yanmar’s Interns

Thomas Brunson is an Adairsville High School senior who aspires to an engineering career and wants to gain a better understanding of the engineering field at Yanmar. Thomas enjoys soccer in his free time.

Aaron Estrada of the University of Texas at El Paso is majoring in Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering and wants to expand his knowledge of Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis on the Assembly Line. A keen traveler, Aaron also trains in crossfit.

Morgan Hales of the Georgia Institute of Technology is pursuing her Master’s in Quantitative and Computational Finance and hopes to gain real world experience analyzing company data and developing models to improve company performance. Morgan enjoys live music, cycling, and shopping.

Jonathan Harris of the University of Alabama in Huntsville is pursuing studies in Film & Media Arts and wants to gain practical experience in various aspects of media production and content creation. Jonathan enjoys freelance photography and playing video games.

Reese Leighly is an intern from Adairsville High School who hopes to learn more about engineering and the types of opportunities she can earn through this internship. Outside of work Reese is an active runner who also enjoys reading and drawing.

Anthony Marcopoli of Michigan State University is majoring in finance and hopes to improve upon his professional problem-solving skills by taking the lessons he learns in the classroom and applying them to real world situations. Anthony enjoys running, hiking, biking, bowling, cooking, and playing poker.

Win Moe of UC Berkeley is pursuing studies in Computer Science to develop a clearer understanding of product research and management of heavy machinery and industry. Win enjoys traveling and time with his pets.

Jake Nazarowski of the University of Georgia is studying Mechanical Engineering and is excited to apply the engineering skills he has learned to real world applications. Jake’s diverse interests include weightlifting, golf, hiking, and working on cars.

Taka Oya of the University of Iowa is pursuing a major in Finance and Business Analytics and Information Systems. Taka hopes to gain valuable experience through collaboration with peers and colleagues and learn about identifying business problems and opportunities. Taka enjoys soccer, travel and dining out.

Joshua Diamond is a Senior at Kennesaw State University, studying Mechanical Engineering and hopes to gain further understanding of the responsibilities that a design engineer may face. Outside of the office, Joshua likes to work on cars, 3D print/prototype inventions, and create music.

Yanmar thanks its interns for their hard work and looks forward to their success in the years ahead. After the achievements of this intake of ten students in Yanmar’s Internship Program 2023, the program is expected to continue in the coming years.

About Yanmar America Corporation

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