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37th Annual Engine Technical Review – YANMAR

While 2019 was an extremely productive year for YANMAR with new engine launches for the high-power 55-155 kW 4TN diesel range and the low-fuel LPG series – both complying with EU Stage 5 regulations – and two new marine Common-Rail engines (6LF and 6LT) for leisure boats and light duty commercial applications, 2020 was marked by the introduction of two new water cooled high power engines. Despite the pandemic, business continued, be it in a digital way, and built on the new engines introductions.

The 4TN vertical, water-cooled diesel range with which YANMAR tripled its power range to 155 kW was further developed and entered the market. The 4TN107 (110-155 KW) is entirely in mass production now. The highest power engine in the range has settled very well in the construction industry and is successfully finding its way into other sectors, including the agriculture business for which the TN series comes in an tailor-made configuration. The 4TN101 (105 kW) is now fully developed and is currently being tested by several OEMs in different applications. The 4TN101 is scheduled to enter mass production in 2022.

New in 2020 was the launch of two new 1.6 and 2.1 liter high-powered industrial diesel engines. The 3TN86CHT and 4TN86CHT, both turbocharged-aftercooled, comply with EU Stage 5 and US EPA/CARB Tier 4 emission regulations. The newly developed engines pursue even higher power density and deliver 20% and 14% more power output, respectively, than the corresponding TNV turbocharged models of the same displacement. The engines, besides YANMAR’s traditional strong points of compactness and reduced fuel consumption also take advantage from the renowned YANMAR’s proprietary exhaust gas after-treatment system which effectively captures PM thus enabling a DPF maintenance interval of not less than 6,000 hours, virtually a lifetime

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Home News 37th Annual Engine Technical Review - YANMAR
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