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5 KW engine is trusted to elevate up to 25,000 kg

Can you imagine a crane lifting a total weight of 25.000 kg using only the power of air? No hooks, chains or slings; just air. Vlentec does it, all over the world and already for more than 35 years. And how? By inspiring trust with sensationally good vacuum lifters powered by a very small diesel engine. From YANMAR.

Business is all about trust

Brendan Boelema, CEO of Vlentec
Katie Arends, Executive Assistant, Vlentec

“For us doing business is entirely based on trust”, says Brendan Boelema, CEO of Vlentec in The Netherlands. “We find it extremely important that our customers can trust us for our honesty in how we work and for the safety and reliability of our products. These values are anchored in our company, but we also expect them from our suppliers.”

Vlentec has found the same DNA with YANMAR, in a stable relationship of more than 20 years, based on trust, openness and cooperation. “What connects us perhaps most is that we are both family-owned companies in a global market. We understand each other’s business, the challenges of our international customers and feel equally responsible to their success”, says Brendan Boelema.

Katie Arends, Executive Assistant adds: “We also love to work with partners who share our commitment for a sustainable future. We want not just to comply with regulations, but to exceed them when we can. YANMAR helps us stay ahead, for example with the Stage V standards”.

Reliability and service first

Very often, Vlentec lifters operate remotely and under challenging weather conditions, for example in deserts where temperatures easily exceeds 50°C. Brendan Boelema knows that reliability is crucial then. “We design and select each component on reliability. We know YANMAR to be reliable, but they really go beyond our expectations. With more than 300 engines installed, we only had one or two breakdowns… and that was even due to incorrect usage, not technology.” The other important feature is service. “When we can’t help an operator over the phone, we know that service is always nearby thanks to YANMAR’s global service network. Finding a part or support is never a problem.”

Brendan Boelema gives an example. “When customers ask about the engine and we say ‘It’s a YANMAR’, it takes their worries away because of YANMAR’s strong reputation for quality and reliability. Customers know the engine will perform as it should. This is how YANMAR as a company and with its products enables us to achieve the level of quality we want.”

Simple and small

“In our vacuum lifters we need an engine that is very easy to work with”, says Katie Arends, “Every operator, trained or not, must be able to use it independently, even in the most far-off areas.”

“And it has to be small. Every component in our lifting equipment must be as compact and lightweight as possible to maximize the lifting capacity, without adding deadweight to the system.”

The L48N air-cooled diesel engine meets these requirements as one of the earliest and most basic YANMAR engines, but built with the same quality as the most prestigious ones. “YANMAR is the only manufacturer with this type of engine, without gearbox, belts and pulleys in between, which is exactly what we need for our vacuum pump,” says Brendan Boelema. The same goes for the new Stage V L48V engine. “It is slightly larger, but our engineering teams have overcome that in good cooperation with only a few minor adjustments to the lifter design and the engine. With YANMAR we are confident to safely elevate any load, now and in the future.”

About Vlentec

Netherlands-based Vlentec is the leading global expert in vacuum lifting technology. With over 35 years of experience, they have provided exceptional heavy-duty vacuum lifting solutions to a diverse variety of industries and markets across the world. Dedicated to engineering quality, their reliable vacuum lifting solutions are designed to optimise a wide range of lifting requirements, from oil, gas and energy, through to mining, construction, water, sewage and infrastructure. Hence their motto: Engineered to Elevate.

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Home News 5 KW engine is trusted to elevate up to 25,000 kg
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