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Publication of “YANMAR GREEN CHALLENGE 2050” Edition of YANMAR Technical Review

September 30, 2022

At Yanmar, we have long conducted business in a way that prioritizes the natural environment since our founding in 1912, as expressed in our mission statement, which states “We strive to provide sustainable solutions for needs which are essential to human life. We focus on the challenges our customers face in food production and harnessing power, thereby enriching people’s lives for all our tomorrows.”
We established the Yanmar Global Environmental Charter in 1995 and announced our commitment to contributing to the realization of a sustainable society. In 2002, the charter was revised to become the Yanmar Group Global Environmental Charter, which was aimed at having the Group as a whole build relationships that achieve harmony with efforts to conserve the global environment. We further expanded and deepened these efforts to address environmental management. In July 2018, we established the Yanmar Group Environment Vision 2030, which specifies more concrete goals for our environmental management.
And now, Yanmar has updated the Yanmar Group Environment Vision 2030 with the YANMAR GREEN CHALLENGE 2050. YANMAR GREEN CHALLENGE 2050 declares our intention to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in our business activities and achieve zero environmental impact by circulating resources as we step up our efforts to realize A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE, so that Yanmar remains to be a company that contributes to achieve that goal.
Through YANMAR GREEN CHALLENGE 2050, Yanmar aims to tackle the following three particular challenges (see Fig.1).
The first is to realize GHG (greenhouse gas) -Free business activities.
The second is to circulate resources to become a company that has zero environmental impact and is GHG-free.
The third is to support customers to become GHG negative and to recycle resources.

Fig. 1 Challenge to become a company that circulates resources to be GHG-free with no environmental impact (YANMAR GREEN CHALLENGE 2050)
Fig. 1 Challenge to become a company that circulates resources to be GHG-free with no environmental impact (YANMAR GREEN CHALLENGE 2050)

Regarding Challenge 1 and Challenge 3 in particular, we will promote the following activities to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
First, in a way that does not disadvantage our customers, Yanmar is pushing ahead with the development and commercialization of agricultural, construction and other machinery equipped with green powertrains that run on a variety of green energy sources, including engines that run on carbon-neutral fuels such as hydrogen and biofuel and electric powertrains with batteries.
Next, in order for customers to reduce their amount of energy use and minimize loss, we provide energy management systems that efficiently convert energy and manage its usage, and the solutions, etc. that recover the previously discarded energy by converting it into electricity or usable heat.

This feature issue of YANMAR Technical Review covers just some of the many technologies being pursued by the Yanmar Group under the YANMAR GREEN CHALLENGE 2050. Specifically, these are:

  • Demonstration test boat of maritime hydrogen fuel cell system
  • Engines that run on carbon-neutral fuels (Ammonia)
  • Modular Electric Propulsion system for boats
  • Total energy management system to reduce energy use
  • Stirling engine and heat exchanger for generating CO2-free electricity from waste heat at factories and incinerators

Yanmar hopes that the technologies and products described in this issue will assist in resolving the challenges faced by both our customers and the world.


The original technical report is written in Japanese.

This document was translated by Innovation & Technology Division, Technology Strategy Division.


Director and Member of the Board, Group Divisional Manager, R&D Division(CTO)

Osamu Kawatate

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