Developing “Agriculture” into a “Food-Value-Chain” Yanmar is bringing sustainable produce from the field to the table.

Arable land is limited. Food demand is increasing with the growing population.
At the same time, farming populations are in decline.
To create a sustainable agriculture, it is necessary to change agriculture itself.
For this reason, Yanmar pursues higher productivity, lower environmental loads, and higher economic efficiency.
The goal is to add value "food" products, in addition to our ongoing efforts in mechanization,
labor saving, and effective use of resources.
With our cultivated technology and solutions,
we plan to realize a sustainable agriculture, and create a society that can enjoy safe food products.
Helping agriculture grow into a fascinating agricultural industry.
That is Yanmar's new vision.

Yanmar's image of the future of agriculture Towards a food-value-chain that includes processing and distribution, built on agricultural productivity.

We will pursue the economic efficiency of agriculture through higher productivity and a resource-recycling agriculture, while continually adding product value.

realize a sustainable agriculture
  • Realization of high productivity
  • Production and supply of safe food
  • Meeting diverse dietary needs
  • Harmony with the global environment: Maximum effective use of our limited resources and resource recycling
  • Ensuring the profitability of producers who support these goals

To realize our vision We provide total support from the farm to the table.


Labor saving

We aim to improve productivity while reducing labor for agriculture.


Maximize equipment operation, while minimizing breakdowns

Proper maintenance will prevent breakdown while maximizing equipment work rate.


Improvement of agricultural production

Developing effective environmental control and stable production technology that are optimal for crop cultivation with cutting-edge biotechnology.
Moreover, with remote sensing, we will provide support to improve productivity.

  • Remote Sensing

Improvement of agricultural management

We support management improvements, such as production / cultivation history,
and equipment operation management system.


Optimization of food production

We provide support in a wide range of areas, such as contract cultivation, sales channel matching, support for sixth sector industrialization,
cultivation technique guidance, and so on.

  • Rice contract cultivation
  • Vegetable crop rotation support
  • Premium Marché

Developing "Agriculture" into a "Food-Value-Chain" Inquiries and Support