Leading global marine equipment supplier Yanmar promotes international sailing in New York, Lake Biwa, and Hayama together with sailing legend Russell Coutts

May 24, 2016
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

35th Luis Vuitton AMERICA’S CUP World Series in New York (May 5)
YANMAR CUP 2016 in BIWAKO (May 22)
YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016 (May 23–29)

Yanmar Co., Ltd., together with the CEO of official technical partner ORACLE TEAM USA and distinguished sailing legend Russell Coutts, made a show of support to the global sailing media and the young sailors who are the future of the sport. The events started in New York on May 5 before moving on to Yanmar Marina at Moriyama in Japan's Shiga prefecture and the port of Hayama in Kanagawa prefecture.

Since 2013, Yanmar has been the official partner of ORACLE TEAM USA, the current defending champions of the world's most prestigious yacht race, the AMERICA’S CUP. Yanmar supplies 8LV diesel engines and ZT drive systems for the chase boats that are an integral component of the team's setup. ORACLE TEAM USA chose Yanmar based on its reputation for reliability.

The latest chase boat, Yanmar1, boasts of a winning combination of speed, power, and durability, all of which are critical in races where boats reach speeds of up to 45 knots (over 80 km/h). This boat was formally presented to the race team before the 35th Luis Vuitton AMERICA’S CUP World Series in New York on May 5. As the official technical partner of constantly improving ORACLE TEAM USA, Yanmar is keen to contribute to their third straight victory at the AMERICA’S CUP.

Yanmar is also committed to harnessing the experiences obtained in the course of the AMERICA’S CUP as well as important networking connections to the benefit of sailing in Japan. Key events such as YANMAR CUP 2016 in BIWAKO and YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016 help promote the sport of yacht racing in Japan while providing more opportunities for major races and raising public awareness of marine sports in general.

35th Luis Vuitton AMERICA’S CUP World Series in New York

  • Date: Friday, May 6 (Practice race)
            Saturday, May 7 and Sunday, May 8 (Three official races)
            Note: These races serve as qualifiers for the 35th AMERICA’S CUP to be held in 2017.
  • Location: North Cove Yacht Harbor, southern Manhattan Island, New York, USA
  • Organizer: AMERICA’S CUP Management (ACM)

In Japan


  • Date: Sunday, May 22
  • Location: Moriyama, Shiga prefecture
  • Organizers: Yanmar Cup Steering Committee, Japan Sailing Federation (JSAF)

The YANMAR CUP 2016 in BIWAKO featured 323 sailors on 62 yachts competing in two classes: cruiser and racer. Coutts was the official starter for the cruiser class, helping to add to the event's excitement.

A media event was held at Yanmar Marina after the race, where Coutts spoke in glowing terms about the race before chatting with a number of his competitors. He also presented the coveted YANMAR CUP to the overall victor, Raccoon.

YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016

  • Period: Monday, May 23 to Sunday, May 29
  • Organizer: Moth Worlds Organizing Committee

The YANMAR Moth Worlds 2016 championships was held in Sagami Bay, which will be the venue for the sailing events of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. A press conference with Russell Coutts and representatives of official sponsor Yanmar was held the day before the main race in order to recount the story of the AMERICA’S CUP in New York in early May as well as to describe the recent changes and improvements to the race program. Coutts predicted a tight finish given that Moth class races are known for constant lead changes. Remarking on the bright future of sailing in Japan, Coutts took time to wish some of the younger Japanese competitors well.

Reference information

ORACLE TEAM USA chase boat Yanmar1

  • Vessel: Scorpion
  • Engines: Yanmar 8LV370 (2x)
  • Length: 10.2 m
  • Width: 3.25 m
  • Capacity: 4.46 L
  • Maximum output: 272 kW @ 3,800 rpm
  • Drive train: Yanmar ZT stern drive

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