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For a beautiful world, society, and future
Nurturing Human Possibilities

Our desire to “further enrich people's lives”

Magokichi Yamaoka, the founder of Yanmar, grew up in a small farming village. He developed a compact engine from his desire to ease the burden of farm work on his parents and make their work more comfortable to perform. That desire to enrich the lives of people has been passed down since Yanmar’s founding and has become its culture. We call this HANASAKA.

“HANASAKA”, the foundation of Yanmar.

Yanmar's purpose is to create “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE” through the realization of the four kinds of social abundance in the “FUTURE VISION”.
With “HANASAKA” as its foundation, various innovations are being created in our business activities, leading to the creation of new customer value. “HANASAKA” also supports our activities to nurture the next generation and foster culture, and is the driving force to realize “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE” into the future.

The “HANASAKA” logo, which represents cherry blossoms, is made up of a combination of Yanmar's logo, “FLYING-Y”.
We believe in people's potential and encourage them to take on challenges.
And let their flowers of great possibilities bloom for the future. This is our wish, and newly designed by Kashiwa Sato.

HANASAKA Will Spread far and wide to Realize a Better World

HANASAKA is an activity that transcends people and social to nurture the potential of the next generation to bring wonder and inspiration to people and the future. The awareness and actions of each and every one of us will create a vast movement that will spread from Yanmar to society and into the future.

Grateful to Serve for a Better World

These are words that Yanmar has cherished since the time of its founding. A beautiful world does not refer to a certain place or environment, but rather to an awareness of people, nature, and things, and our intention to continually seek to create a better world.

To preserve this beautiful world, we will continue to pass on the baton of possibility from person to person, generation to generation, past to future, recognizing the diversity of values, so that Yanmar's HANASAKA continues to grow into the desire of people to “make the future a better place”.

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