Anyone can enjoy football. Be free and be brave. Win or lose, Work your way up, For future possibilities. For a grand dream. With light foot and passionate heart. Football is for us all.

Football is our engine

What is Football is Our Engine ?

For YANMAR, football is an important means of communication.
Especially when it comes to the global field, it has great meaning as something that connects people.
Today, in the rapidly changing surroundings,
In the rapidly changing era environment, we will move towards "Change & Challenge",
Renew yourself and become the source of the "Importance of starting the next challenge" and its power.
Communicate the "Driving force" that inspires you,
We will promote Yanmar's image of creating new richness and excitement, and foster empathy.
At Yanmar, like our founding business, the "Engine," through football,
We believe that it can be a "Driving force" to realize a rich life.


Cerezo Osaka, the power of the academy

engine for the future

Cerezo Osaka Academy aims to develop world-class player. From Cerezo Osaka to the world.
"We want many beautiful flowers to bloom in the future."
We approach the driving force for such a future.


Athlete's engine

Why do top athletes keep challenging?
We approach the driving force of top athletes who continue to challenge.