Yanmar Fuel Filters | Keep Your Engines Clean

Optimising the performance of your compact tractor is guaranteed with Genuine Yanmar fuel filters. These filters are the premier choice for safeguarding your tractor engine against water and dirt intrusion in diesel fuel, preventing potential clogs within the system.

Crafted to stringent Yanmar factory standards, our fuel filters exemplify excellence in fuel filtration. With a commitment to extended product life and low emission levels, Yanmar ensures that each fuel filter meets the highest quality benchmarks.

the inside of a Yanmar Fuel Filter

Inside a Yanmar Fuel Filter

Every genuine Yanmar fuel filter is engineered to safeguard against corrosion induced by moisture or water, significantly reducing the potential for fuel leakage. The interconnection of the top and exterior plates ensures a steadfast seal, preventing deformation.

The robust perforated plate demonstrates remarkable resilience and can withstand high-pressure levels during the filtration process. Employing double-edged, high-density filter paper with an intricately designed micro-fibre structure, each filter adeptly captures particles as minute as 1μ, underscoring Yanmar’s commitment to precision and quality.

Yanmar Fuel Filters for optimum fuel consumption

Yanmar’s Genuine Fuel Filters are designed to meticulously filter water and impurities, safeguarding the integrity of your tractor’s fuel injection system and preventing potential clogs.

Beyond ensuring optimal fuel consumption, these filters are instrumental in shielding your compact tractor, ensuring compliance with the latest and most stringent emission standards.

The conscientious use and timely replacement of Yanmar fuel filters not only guarantee high durability but also contribute to extending the overall lifespan of your compact tractor, all while maintaining the integrity of Yanmar’s warranty.

Filtration Efficiency of a genuine Fuel Filter

Ensuring premier fuel filtration is essential for modern compact diesel engines to retain excellent performance, comply with emission standards, and extend product lifespan.

The intrusion of contaminating particles, such as dust and water, within the injection system leads to unwanted wear and tear. This, in turn, may cause problems like difficult starts and loss of engine power.

Inadequate filtration may expose the engine to corrosion and the potential risk of fuel leakage. Genuine Yanmar fuel filters, equipped with high-density filter paper featuring a unique micro-fibre design, effectively trap and remove contaminants, even as small as 1μ.

Safeguard your Yanmar compact tractor with the protection offered by genuine Yanmar filters – essential to preserving the health of your compact tractor engine.”

The Yanmar Genuine Filters

Yanmar Genuine Parts are the only parts manufactured to Yanmar’s strict, industry-leading standards for quality and durability.

  • Effective prevention of clogging prevents wear
  • High-capacity fuel filtration for extended product life
  • High durability, less interference
  • High-density filter paper; water and oil flow repellent
  • The micro-fibre design captures variously sized particles
Yanmar genuine parts - fuel filters

Yanmar Fuel Filter Overview

Part NumberParts Description
114239-55130FILTER ASSY, FUEL
114250-55100FILTER, FUEL INLET
114250-55121FILTER ASSY, FUEL
119802-55710ELEMENT, FUEL
119802-55801FILTER, FUEL
119802-55810FILTER, FUEL
123907-55801FILTER, FUEL
123907-55810FILTER, FUEL
129004-55801FILTER, FUEL
129004-55810FILTER, FUEL
129470-55703FILTER, FUEL
129470-55810FILTER, FUEL
129907-55801FILTER, FUEL
129907-55810FILTER, FUEL
129A00-55800FILTER, FUEL
171081-55910FILTER, FUEL 100M
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