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Service Kits for Yanmar Compact Tractors

Your Yanmar compact tractor is built to deliver exceptional performance in various applications. To ensure it stays in optimal condition and continues to perform at its best, Yanmar provides a comprehensive solution – all-inclusive service kits specifically designed for your tractor’s maintenance needs. These kits include all necessary genuine Yanmar parts and components, so you can easily maintain your Yanmar compact tractor without the hassle of searching for individual parts.

Easy service kit overview per tractor and maintenance interval

Order all the parts you need for the required maintenance intervals of your Yanmar tractor easily and fast with the tractor maintenance kits overview.

  • All required parts bundled in one box per interval
  • Navigate to the desired maintenance interval with one click
  • Easy ordering at your dealer using service kit numbers
  • Clear overview of all maintenance intervals and required parts per tractor
  • No need to search for the correct parts of your tractor. We have done it for you.

Online service kit selector

This selector will help you find the recommended service kits for your Yanmar tractor, providing you with the essential components for regular maintenance.

Download tractor service kit guide

The service kit selector is also available as a PDF. Click the button below to download the service kit guide.

Download maintenance interval guide

Stay on top of your tractor’s maintenance schedule by downloading our guide, detailing the recommended intervals for servicing and replacing key components.

SA Maintenance schedule
YT2 Maintenance schedule
YT3 Maintenance schedule

Genuine Yanmar products

When it comes to maintaining your Yanmar compact tractor, choosing genuine Yanmar products is the key to ensuring unmatched reliability and durability. Safeguard your tractor’s performance and warranty with genuine Yanmar products.

Service Kits
Yanmar original filters

Experience superior filtration and protect your tractor’s engine with Yanmar original filters.


YANMAR filters
Service Kits
5-Year Tractor warranty

Enjoy optimal peace of mind with our 5-year tractor warranty, covering parts and labour for worry-free ownership.


5 Year Tractor warranty
Service Kits
Lubricants & Coolants

Ensure optimal tractor performance and longevity with our recommended lubricants and coolants.


Lubricants & coolant
Home Service Kits
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