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About YANMAR Europe B.V.

Yanamr President Peter Aarsen

Yanmar is a strong company dedicated to quality and service. I strive to serve our customers so that they benefit from Yanmar’s sustainable power solutions.

Peter Aarsen – President Yanmar Europe

International Regional Office For Europe, Russia and Africa

YANMAR Europe B.V. was established as an international regional office in Almere, The Netherlands, in 1989. With 140 employees and 24 different nationalities all under one roof, we are a truly international company, serving the needs of our international customers.

Activities that are pursued in the Netherlands:

  • Sales and service support of
    • compact industrial engines
    • medium speed commercial Europe engines
    • high speed commercial Europe engines
    • sailboat and powerboat Europe engines
    • agricultural products & equipment
    • micro-cogeneration systems
    • gas heat pumps
    • components
  • Assembly of Europe pleasure engines
  • Spare parts distribution
  • Product training in our multi-purpose training center facility

Next to YANMAR Europe B.V., the Dutch premises is also home to YANMAR Europe International B.V.

Legendary Innovation

Over 100 years of innovation from the inventors of the modern diesel engine with enduring, dedicated focus on advancing industrial applications.

Yanmar Reliability

Through intensive and proven engineering, we proudly manufacture premium and durable engines that last year after year.

Global Support Network

Work with confidence trusting our network of sales and service centers are available for quick and reliable support in over 130 countries worldwide.

Driven by Sustainability

Yanmar’s commitment to community and environment drives our products towards sustainable solutions so we can ensure a better world for future generations.

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