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Yanmar YT3-series 47-60 HP Compact Tractor

47 & 60 HP Compact Tractor with i-HMT (Vario) | YT3-series

Power to perform. The Yanmar YT3-series is the the ultimate compact tractor.

A proven concept with an i-HMT (vario) transmission, available in 47 or 60 HP and as a ROPS or cabin.

YT3-series | a new standard

The Yanmar YT3 is the ultimate compact tractor: combining an emissions-compliant engine and highly-innovative, smart-variable i-HMT (Vario) transmission providing clean-running capabilities that set a new standard in this weight class.

Bold and modern style

Everything about the YT347 and YT359 – from the sleek automotive lines, through the powerful and durable drive train, to the comfortable and well appointed cab – speaks to a desire for performance and productivity together with a craftsmanship that has defined Yanmar for more than a century.

Power and productivity

Performance is no accident – It is baked into every facet of the YT347 and YT359 tractors. Modern tractor users demand powerful machines to cope with any task they might encounter.

The YT347 and YT359 deliver. Both models are powered by a proven common-rail engine driving through an integrated hydro-mechanical variable transmission to deliver class-leading power and productivity balanced by environmental credentials unmatched in this tractor weight class.

i-HMT (Vario) Transmission

The i-HMT (Vario) transmission creates a new standard of operation for more versatile performance. No longer do you have to choose between an efficient, constant speed and flexible operation. With the i-HMT (Vario) transmission, you get both.

I-HMT (Vario) achieves smooth and step-less gear shifting from zero to maximum speed Optimum speeds that were not previously available with existing equipment are now selectable at will to match specific duties and applications


There is a tool for every job, every day of every season. The YT3-tractor series is strategically engineered with the right attachment for the right job in mind, never as an afterthought.

Maintenance simplified

To ensure that the YT347 and YT359 have a long, trouble-free working life, maintenance has been simplified to turn daily tasks from a chore into a pleasure. The one-piece bonnet can be opened fully for simple, unhindered inspection.

A dual air cleaner filter element provides optimum filtration even in very dusty conditions.

The regeneration of the DPF filter performs automatically and the operation does not need to be interrupted (seamlessly). The DPF filter benefits from 6.000-hour change intervals.

Available in 4 flavors

Choose the power and type that fits your needs.

YT347/YT359 ROPS

47 HP / 60 HP


47 HP / 60 HP

YT3 image gallery

YT3 Yanmar Tractor with front Mount snow removal equipment
Yanmar YT3 spacious cabin with clear view
Yanmar YT3 with rear end mover
Yanmar YT3 with front mounted brushes
Yanmar YT3 compact tractor with front mover

Yanmar YT3-series brochure

Download the Yanmar compact tractor YT3-series brochure for the complete specifications and features.

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Yanmar YT3-series 47-60 HP Compact Tractor
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Yanmar YT3-series 47-60 HP Compact Tractor
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I needed a small tractor for small garden operations. Moved onto using it for more applications, and now it’s my go-to compact tractor for working on the farm.
I couldn’t be happier than I am with the performance of the YT347. I always recommend to anyone looking for a tractor to do themselves a favor and strongly consider a Yanmar. I couldn’t be happier than I am with mine.

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