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Premium compact utility tractors for European professionals

Our high-quality tractors are made in Japan, built with precision and attention to detail. We have tailored our tractors specifically for European customers, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of performance, comfort and durability. With our premium utility tractors, you can trust that you are getting the best value for your investment. Select the most suitable series from our range, book a test drive and experience the difference yourself.

SA Series 22 HP & 26 HP

When the going gets tough this small high-performing tractor offers the go-anywhere solution for a huge variety of working situations.

YT2 Series 35 HP

Built to be tough and durable. With efficient engine technology and optimal operator ergonomics for comfort and productivity all day long.

YT3 Series 47 HP & 60 HP i-HMT-Vario

Unleash maximum power and clean-running efficiency with the YT3, featuring an i-HMT (Vario) transmission and emissions-compliant engine.

YM Series 47 HP & 60 HP Mechanical

Designed to perform, built to last. The new agricultural benchmark tractor with a stage V engine and a mechanical transmission for unmatched power.

Why choose YANMAR tractors

At Yanmar, we prioritize energy-saving, work-life balance and sustainable solutions. Our commitment to these values is reflected in our compact tractors, purpose-built for European customers.

With over a century of innovation and excellence, Yanmar has set new standards in ease of maintenance and control, fuel economy and operator comfort. Designed and manufactured in Japan, each tractor is crafted for optimal quality, durability and efficiency, guaranteeing to meet the wishes of customers both now and in the future.

With Yanmar, you can trust that you’re investing in a brand that focuses on sustainability, innovation and customer satisfaction. We make the lives of professional tractor owners and operators easier, safer and more fulfilling while contributing to a sustainable future.

Main benefits

  • Premium quality: designed and manufactured in Japan for optimal durability
  • Versatility: equipped to handle any task with exceptional ground clearance
  • Comprehensive range of utility tractors: from 22 HP to 60 HP
  • Industry-leading 5-year complimentary warranty for complete peace of mind
  • Optimum operator comfort: spacious cabin, easy access & enhanced visibility
  • Premium YANMAR STAGE V engine: high performance, low noise, and environment-friendly
  • i-HMT (Vario) transmission for constant speed and flexible operations (YT3)
  • Strategically engineered to support a wide range of attachments

Optimal operator comfort

Because an operator might spend many long hours within the cab, the guiding principle behind the design of our utility tractors is to provide the driver with a comfortable place to work.

Every facet of our compact tractor has been designed to help them stay highly productive with the minimum possible levels of fatigue.

The operator’s compartment is equipped with ergonomic controls, a cushioned seat, boasting excellent 360° visibility for increased safety and is furthermore very spacious, well-appointed, quiet and vibration-absorbing.

5-Year tractor warranty

Less down-time with proven reliability. We offer an industry-leading complimentary 5-year warranty on all of our small tractors, setting a new standard in the industry.

It’s our way of saying we stand behind the quality and reliability of our tractors, providing peace of mind for owners and operators.

With this warranty, customers can be confident that their Yanmar tractor is built to last and designed to perform, with our support for years to come.

Greater fuel efficiency

Yanmar tractors have been built around fuel-efficient common rail engines that provide purpose-matched performance and long, trouble-free life.

The powerful and proven Yanmar engines strike a balance between high power/high performance and minimized emissions for the lowest possible environmental impact.

The engine is less susceptible to stalling, even in tougher traction applications, so productivity is enhanced.

Yanmar tractor implements

To unlock the full potential of a Yanmar compact tractor we offer a vast range of attachments and implements designed to elevate and optimize productivity.

Yanmar provides a wide variety of tools to help professionals with tasks such as mowing, seeding, planting, grading, levelling, digging, lifting and moving. Each attachment is engineered for optimal performance and ease of use.

Our range of attachments includes rotary tillers, rotary power harrows, pneumatic seed drills, forage harvesters, square balers, cultivators, inter row springs, chisel ploughs, flail mowers, vertical mixer feeders, disc tillers and subsoilers.

With our diverse selection of attachments and implements, customers can expand the capabilities of their compact tractor and take on any task with confidence

The right utility tractor for any job

No job is too big for Yanmar premium tractors. Whether it’s a demanding groundwork project or a delicate landscaping task, to clear a construction site or to maintain a large outdoor facility, Yanmar has the right tractor and implements to make the work easier and more efficient.

YANMAR Compact Tractors
Versatile small tractors for ground care

Yanmar’s compact tractors are a top choice for efficient and high-performing ground care. Our premium tractors are designed with innovative features and easy-to-use controls that fit the requirements of professionals.

Yanmar tractors deliver exceptional power and precision for all off-road needs, making them an ideal choice.

YANMAR Compact Tractors
Compact tractors for professional landscaping

Yanmar’s compact tractors offer landscaping professionals unparalleled versatility and power to handle every task, thanks to our advanced technology and Japanese manufacturing excellence.

Equipped with innovative features, powerful engines, and user-friendly controls, our premium tractors deliver exceptional performance and productivity for even the most challenging projects.

YANMAR Compact Tractors
Equipment for outdoor sports facilities

For golf courses and outdoor sports facilities, Yanmar compact tractors are the go-to choice that delivers an attractive playing surface.

These versatile tractors are equipped with innovative features and powerful engines to meet the unique demands of maintaining sports facilities and keeping them in top shape.

YANMAR Compact Tractors
Powerful compact tractors for agriculture

Yanmar compact tractors are designed to provide farmers and horticulturists with the utmost productivity and efficiency.

Incorporating Japanese manufacturing expertise, along with a powerful engine and affordable ownership costs, these tractors offer unparalleled value for all agricultural and horticultural tasks.

“I saved a ton on fuel”

Jack Baron
Baron landscaping

“Best compact ever”

Jonas Driscoll
New Life Greenery

“Powerful lightweight”

Henry Gribbins
Kinsale Grand Golf resort

“Service is a breeze”

Ian Haffey
Haffey Dairy

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YANMAR Compact Tractors
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