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Yanmar YM-series 47-60 HP Compact Tractor

47 & 60 HP Compact Tractor | YM-series

The YM-series set a new agricultural benchmark: Yanmar’s Japanese manufacturing excellence, a stage V-compliant engine and a mechanical transmission delivering unprecedented power and performance. Available in 47 or 60 HP.

Designed to perform, built to last

A Stage V compliant common rail engine and fully synchronised mechanical transmission are the beating heart of the new Yanmar YM-series compact tractors.

Unrivaled power train pairing

That is precisely what Yanmar delivers with the YM359. A stage V compliant 3.3L engine that is powerful enough to tackle even the toughest applications and terrains. Combined with a mechanical transmission that is quiet, smooth, and easy to operate.

This unique Yanmar power train pairing results in a compact tractor that provides the low-end torque required for traction applications, and a top speed that allows the tractor to move quickly between sites and jobs.

12×12 Mechanical transmission

A fully synchronised 12 x 12 mechanical transmission provides smooth shifting throughout the speed range to give low-speed torque and high-speed travel where they are required.

Powerful and proven engine

A powerful and proven Yanmar direct injection common rail engine with 47 or 60 HP is the beating hart of the Yanmar YM-series compact tractor.

The stage V compliant engines are designed to provide the most performance, most power, and most reliability while delivering the least possible environmental impact.

Tractors that are as adaptable as you are

Go anywhere, do anything Yanmar’s YM-series compact tractors can be tailored to suit your needs. A range of implement and tyre options means that they can be “custom-built” to deliver optimum performance and profit on the field or on the street.

Easy to maintain

Maintenance on a Yanmar YM tractor has been simplified as much as possible. The bonnet opens fully as one piece for simple, unhindered inspection and all key components are easy to access.

Full visibility of the entire engine bay further simplifies maintenance duties. All key components requiring regular checks and replacements are within easy reach, making maintenance easier.

Available in two flavors

Choose the power that fits your needs.





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Yanmar YM3 combined with a trailer on a fruit orchard

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Yanmar YM-series 47-60 HP Compact Tractor
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Yanmar YM-series 47-60 HP Compact Tractor
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Yanmar YM-series 47-60 HP Compact Tractor
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