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Engine Power
47 HP
Transmission type
3Point lift capacity
1450 kg

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Yanmar has responded to the budgetary demands and reliability requirements of customers with the introduction of the new YM3 Series compact utility tractors. Operating in the 47 to 60 horsepower range, the new models – YM347 and YM359 – complement the existing YT3 Series in the company’s range and are designed to provide users with many of the features and benefits associated with the Yanmar brand, but at a more affordable price.

Furthermore, the two new models have been designed following extensive research and consultation with customers and users. The result is a pair of new models that offer all the safety and comfort features that customers expect with a level of power, productivity and reliability that makes the new models ideally suited to a range of applications including and farming, landscaping, and golf course maintenance.

Product Specifications

Engine Power (UNECE Regulation No 120):
34.3 kW
Engine power
47 HP
Number of cilinders
Size of engine
2189 cc
142.6 NM
Engine speed
2800 rev/min
Transmission type
Selectable 4WD
Number of ranges
12x12 (incl. creep)
Brake system
Multiple wet brake disks
Max. Speed
27.8 km/h
Rear, speed
540-750 rev/min
Fuel tank capacity
Steering system
Hydraulic Powered
Steering pump
20 L/min
Pump for hydraulics
35.1 L/min
3Point lift capacity
1450 kg
3Point lift capacity 61cm behind lift point
1250 kg
Hydraulic connections
2 sets (mid) by Loader joystick, Optional 2 sets rear.
Operating system 3P hitch
Total length
3400 / 3684 mm
Total width
1420 / 1723 mm
Ground clearance
227 mm
Wheel base
1900 mm
2330 / 2410 mm
Turning radius
2.4 m
Unladen weight min / max
1892 kg
Unbraked trailer capacity
1500 kg
Inertia-braked trailer capacity
6000 kg


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