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Engine Power
60 HP
Transmission type
3Point lift capacity
1620 / 1680 kg

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Performance is no accident – powered by a proven common rail engine driving through an integrated hydro-mechanical variable (i-HMT) transmission to deliver class-leading levels. This is the Yanmar YT359-R.

Integrated hydro-mechanical variable (i-HMT)
The i-HMT transmission creates a new standard of operation for more versatile performance. No longer do you have to choose between an efficient, constant speed and flexible operation. With the i-HMT transmission, you get both.

I-HMT achieves smooth and step-less gear shifting from zero to maximum speed. Optimum speeds that were not previously available with existing equipment are now selectable at will to match specific duties and applications.

Product Specifications

Engine Power (UNECE Regulation No 120):
43.9 kW
Engine power
60 HP
Number of cilinders
Size of engine
3319 cc
199 NM
Engine speed
2500 rev/min
Transmission type
Selectable 4WD
Number of ranges
Brake system
Multiple wet brake disks
Max. Speed
29 km/h
PTO Power rear
38.3 kW
Rear, speed
540-750 rev/min
Mid. speed
n/a rev/min
Fuel tank capacity
Steering system
Hydraulic Powered
Steering pump
20.1 L/min
Pump for hydraulics
35.5 L/min
3Point lift capacity
1620 / 1680 kg
3Point lift capacity 61cm behind lift point
1280 / 1620 kg
Hydraulic connections
3 sets (mid) by Loader joystick and 2 sets rear. Optional 1 set (3th) rear
Operating system 3P hitch
Total length
3224 / 3824 mm
Total width
1574 / 1855 mm
Ground clearance
380 mm
Wheel base
1967 mm
2363 / 2478 mm
Turning radius
3 m
Unladen weight min / max
1901 kg
Unbraked trailer capacity
1500 kg
Inertia-braked trailer capacity
6000 kg


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