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Yanmar i-HMT transmission

The i-HMT transmission (integrated Hydro-Mechanical Transmission) introduces a new standard of operation for enhanced performance. You no longer have to choose between efficient, constant speed and flexible operation. With the i-HMT transmission, you get both.

No other compact tractor can boast the integrated Hydro Mechanical Transmission technology of the Yanmar YT347 and YT359.

Yanmar's i-HMT vario compact tractor transmission

Efficient conversion of engine power into usable PTO or drawbar power

Ability to choose the optimum speed for each task and application.

Reduced fuel consumption from greater efficiency

Step-less and clutch-less speed shifting

Stop tractor without clutch

Highly efficient variable transmission i-HMT

I-HMT achieves smooth and step-less gear shifting from zero to maximum speed.

Optimum speeds that were not previously available with existing equipment are now selectable at will to match specific duties and applications

Yanmar i-HMT (vario) vs other tractor transmissions
A-mode: high speed, higher RPM
B-mode: low speed, lower RPM

i-HMT variable: AB Mode

Control your engine speed and ground speed with AB Mode. AB Mode allows you to preset your maximum speed when the i-HMT pedal is fully engaged.

AB mode in operation

Optimum speed can be selected by variable transmission depending on type of work. Two engine speeds can be preset in advance, allowing the operator to switch between the two to match the application and ground conditions.

Example: soil cultivation and turning into next row

Setting of A mode for cultivation, B mode for turning speed. By using the AB mode function, the operator does not need to adjust speed setting manually so is able to make more controlled turns into the next row. This makes turning safer and more convenient.

Auto Throttle

Engine and travel speed can be controlled with the accelerator/drive pedal. The operator can achieve top speed by pressing the main shift pedal. The main shift pedal automatically synchronizes to engine speed when the range shift lever is in 3rd position

Brake stop without clutching

The tractor can be stopped by pressing the brake pedal without the need to operate the clutch. Decrease ground speed when the engine is overloaded and keep operation speed constantly.

Yanmar i-HMT-vario tractor transmission auto throttle

Anti-stall & Cruise control

Decrease ground speed when engine is overloaded and keep operation speed constantly.

I-HMT motion control dial

Operator can set response of I-HMT drive pedal, reverser lever or clutch pedal operation. When you set a dial to highest position, response of I-HMT is four times quicker than lowest position.

Home i-HMT Transmission
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