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Go anywhere,
carry anything

With carrying capacities to 500
kilograms, the Yanmar MC 1210 offers
a compact yet powerful tracked carrying

Across a diverse range of industries and applications including farming, landscaping and winery.

Proven Yanmar Power Pack

Easy to maintain and emissions-compliant OHV gasoline engines boast high compression ratios for high power output, excellent low to mid-range torque, and superior fuel economy.

Quiet in operation and producing minimal vibration, the MC1210 engine is easy to start without the usual recoil kickback of other small engines.

Deadman’s Clutch

The Yanmar MC 1210 transporter has been designed with an
effective Deadman’s Clutch that disengages and immediately stops
the machine when the handle is released.

Wide Platform

The width of the transporter’s carrying platform can be easily extended whilst retaining the excellent stability for which the MC Series are renowned. This means the carrying area can be matched to the specific application or size of materials being carried.

Equalizer track rollers

For optimum operator comfort and load retention, the flexible track rollers on Yanmar’s transporter effectively soften shocks, ensuring smooth running in any location and in any ground conditions.

Equalizer Smooth and Easy Operation

Yanmar’s transporter is also equipped with Yanmar’s exclusive HST transmission that allows speed to be purpose-matched to the specific task or application while delivering smooth “no-shock” speed changes for optimum operator comfort and ease of use.

The HST transmission is equipped with a charge pump, oil filter and a sub-lubricating oil tank that provide effective oil cooling even over extended working hours for a long, trouble-free working life.

Flexible platform
Suitable for different working conditions

Hydraulic dump and lift

The transporter’s convenient hydraulic dump function makes the unloading of heavy cargo both efficient and safe. The hydraulic lift makes loading onto trucks a breeze.

Tension Spring

The tension spring on the Yanmar MC1210 absorbs the shock between the track and the rollers if foreign bodies such as stones are thrown inside, preventing damage to the crawler mechanism.

Forward Transmission Installation

The Yanmar MC1210’s transmission is installed in a forward position for optimum weight distribution and balance. This stability provides the operator with true confidence, even when ascending and descending hills.

810 mm Ground Contact

The undercarriage on the Yanmar MC1210 model is extended to provide greater levels of ground contact and stability, even with heavy loads

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