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Thaler yard loaders: 100% powered by YANMAR

In less than two years, more than 250 yard loaders with Stage V engine rolled off the production line at Thaler in Germany. There is at least one thing they have in common: from the smallest 19 hp yard loader to the most powerful 75 hp telescopic wheel loader: they are all powered by YANMAR.

Wheel Loader powered by YANMAR 4TNV98C-NY12D
Farm Loader powered by YANMAR 3TNV88C-DTH

Pushing ahead with Stage V

Loader manufacturer Thaler from Polling in Upper Bavaria, Germany, was one of the first OEMs to push ahead with the transition to Stage V of the European emission standard for off-road vehicles.

“The first prototype of our 2438 38 hp, 1.6T yard loader powered by a YANMAR Stage V ready engine was built in 2018 and introduced successfully at EuroTier in Hanover in the same year,” says Mr. Dietmar Pöhler, Sales Manager Europe at Thaler.
With the prototype ready, all the signals were green for redesigning the loader chassis and fitting the engines. “Our loaders under 25 hp could easily accommodate the new Stage V engines since dimensions for engines below 19 kW were unchanged. Our higher power loaders, however, required a redesign to fit the electronically controlled engines with common rail fuel injection system, diesel particulate filter (DPF) and exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR).

“Particular attention had to be paid to the exhaust heat generation and its dissipation. The heat must not stagnate, but at the same time it is necessary to allow DPF regeneration to take place during normal operation. This is a conflict of interest that can only be approved by Yanmar during the engine installation review test. The acceptance procedure for all vehicles at our factory went very smoothly,” explains Mr. Pöhler and he continues: “This test was an important milestone for us, since it is the best possible guarantee for the target service life of the engine and for factory warranty. Soon afterwards, we started serial production as one of the first loader manufacturer in Germany and in less than two years delivered the 250th Stage V yard loader to the market.”

Extremely high quality and reliability

The transition to the new Stage V regulations marks a major change for the users of our loaders, such as farmers, landscapers and contractors. Thaler is ready for it, thanks to a long-standing relationship with YANMAR. “The overall quality, reliability and product life of YANMAR engines is extremely good”, says Mr. Dietmar Pöhler. “More than 10 years ago, we decided to go together with YANMAR as our exclusive engine supplier and with good success. With more than 3.780 engines put into service since.” and continues:

“Next to product quality, our two family-owned companies are matching very well on common characteristics like short communication lines, great engineering, delivery continuity and technical support. We both have an attitude of listening to customer concerns and solving their challenges. This common ground was also reflected in how our two engineering teams co-operated in the redesign process of our loaders with the new Stage V engines.”

Telehandler powered by YANMAR 4TNV88C-DT
Telehandler powered by YANMAR 4TNV88-DTH2

Maintenance-free DPF

Thaler’s customers benefit from durable and reliable power, optimized fuel consumption and clean operation. “The DPF is maintenance-free for at least 6,000 working hours under normal operating conditions. This more or less covers the entire service life of the loader, so there is no need to worry about that either,” Mr. Dietmar Pöhler clarifies.

Thaler will continue to meet the demands and requirements of customers in their agricultural target sectors, including livestock farming, horse breeding, gardening and landscaping. A new project for a compact, yet powerful under Stage V 20 hp loader is underway, again powered by YANMAR. The prototype is right now starting its intensive testing period before we are launching the serial production in Spring 2022.

The overall quality, reliability and product life expectancy of YANMAR engines is extremely good.

About Thaler

Thaler is a German, family-owned manufacturer of yard loaders, based in Polling, Upper Bavaria, with an extensive dealer network in Germany and customers all over Europe and in Russia. Founded in 1997 by Johann Thaler and now managed by his son Manfred, the company grew from 2 to almost 60 employees in less than 25 years. Thaler develops and manufactures high-quality articulated yard- and wheel loaders with standard or telescopic lifting arm, a mini-telehandler is also part of the product range. Their philosophy for good business and year-long success is based on quality and reliability of products, personal contact with customers and employees, and honesty and trust.

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