Community Involvement and Development

Community Service Activities

Holding Events to Support Collection and Separation of Waste from Local Residents

Collected and Separated Waste
Collected and Separated Waste

In October 2016, Tuff Torq Corporation (TTC), in collaboration with its neighboring company, JTEKT, held an event to support the collection and separation of waste from the households of local residents. Used batteries, oil, paint, antifreeze and electrical components from households contain harmful substances that require proper treatment for disposal. For this event approximately 4.3 tons of such waste was gathered to be disassembled, stored, and disposed of at the treatment plant.

TTC will continue to support such events in the future, and is working together with local residents to find and properly dispose of dangerous items near their houses.

Support for the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) Fight to Eliminate Cancer
- Yanmar Europe B.V. -

Yanmar Europe is supporting the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) in its efforts to fight and eliminate cancer. The KWF was founded in 1949 at the instigation of Queen Wilhelmina, as a nationwide organization for reducing the incidence of cancer, to support treatment, and to improve the quality of life for cancer sufferers.

Donation of Supplies and Teaching Materials to Gangdong Elementary School
- Yanmar Agricultural Equipment (China) -

In September 2016, Yanmar Agricultural Equipment (China) donated RMB 71,000 worth of supplies for classrooms and the dining hall, personal computers for schoolwork, school bags, and other educational items to the Gangdong Elementary School in Jiujiang County, Jiangxi Province. The company's aid to the school began with the rebuilding of school buildings damaged in the 2005 earthquake. On learning that the buildings of the school's predecessor, the Jiangxi Province Cotton Research Institute Children's School, were damaged in the earthquake, and that classes were being taught in evacuation tents, the company donated RMB 300,000 to the school to help build new buildings.

Pupils of the Gangdong Elementary School

Participation in Reforestation Project in Thailand to Protect Wild Elephants
- Yanmar Capital (Thailand) -

Employees who participated in the reforestation project
Employees who participated in the reforestation project

In September 2016, Yanmar Capital Thailand participated in a reforestation project at the Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary in Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand's first nature reserve. The project has worked to plant 300 trees to help wild elephants, which are highly respected in Thailand, live safely in the future.

This activity helps to restore the forest as well as to create good relationships among employees and with the local community.

Providing Educational Opportunities to Vocational Training Students
- Yanmar Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Indonesia -

Students Going Through Vocational Training
Students Going Through Vocational Training

Yanmar Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Indonesia (YAMINDO) engages in community service activities for local community development, primarily focusing on religion, society and education. The budget to be distributed increases year by year, reaching Rp 12 million in 2016.

For education, for example, YAMINDO experts provide a Prakerin program (industrial training) to students undergoing vocational training. The students are given opportunities to use what they have learned in work and production classes in actual operations.

Volunteer Coastal Cleaning Event on the East Coast
- Yanmar Asia (Singapore) Corporation -

Volunteer cleaning work
Volunteer cleaning work

In July 2016, Yanmar Asia (Singapore) held a coastal cleaning event on the East Coast, with 42 employees, friends and family members participating. The event beautified the area and was also an excellent opportunity for the participating children to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of CSR and the environment. This event will continue in the future.