Community Involvement and Development

Yanmar is Contributing to Society Across the Globe

North, Central, and South America
Conducting Work Experience Activities for Students of Kennesaw State University
—Yanmar America Corporation—

Students who participated in workplace experience activities
Students who participated in workplace experience activities

Yanmar America cooperated with the workplace experience activity at the company that Kennesaw State University undertook and accepted four students who studied engineering at the university.

The students learned various steps of the production process. As well as being an opportunity for students to think about their own career through actual workplace experiences and exchanges with employees, it allows many students in the community to know about the existence of Yanmar America.

Waste from Local Residents
—Tuff Torq Corporation—

Collection of waste brought in from the community
Collection of waste brought in from the community

On October 6, 2017, Tuff Torq Corporation (TTC), along with its neighboring company, JTEKT, held an event to support the collection and separation of waste from the households of local residents. The "BOPAE" includes Batteries, Oil, Paint, Antifreeze and Electrical components from households containing harmful substances that require proper treatment for disposal. For this event approximately 10.5 tons of such waste was gathered to be disassembled, stored, and properly disposed of through a local recycling company.

TTC is planning to continue working together with residents in the local community to collect and properly dispose of hazardous materials in and around their homes.

Supporting IVA Driebergen Team to Participate in the Sailing Event
—Yanmar Marine International B.V.—

Students of the team who organized the sponsor support
Students of the team who organized the sponsor support

In April 2018, Yanmar Marine International sponsored the IVA Driebergen Team participating in The Race of the Classics, a sailing event held in the Netherlands, in collaboration with VETUS from the Yanmar Group.

This event, celebrating the 30th this year, is a student race between the Netherlands and the UK for a week by classic sailing and about 500 students from the Dutch oceanic university participated. Through the sponsorship, students’ activities were supported but it was also an opportunity for the students to know and gain interest about the business activities.

Accepting Students from Local Technical High Schools to Organize Plant Tours
—Yanmar Italy S.p.A.—

Yanmar Italy accepts 1 or 2 class students each year from the local industrial high school Istituto Facchinetti specializing in mechanics and engine manufacturing, and conducts plant tours for the students. It has donated 2 scrap engines for the school which can be used as learning materials and are currently used in classes.

Supporting the Assistance Dogs and Providing Self-Reliance to Their Owners YANMAR EUROPE

The pamphlet for the non-profit organization we support
The pamphlet for the non-profit organization we support

YANMAR EUROPE supports the non-profit organization De Hond Kan De Was Doen. The service dogs play an important role in assisting the daily lives of people with disabilities. However, the placement of these service dogs face problems of cost and appropriate training at the certified training schools.

Through this organization, YANMAR EUROPE offers financial aid to allow the assistance dogs and their owners a lifestyle of self-reliance and freedom.

Asia Pacific
Repairing Playgrounds for Elementary Schools in Feidong in Anhui District
—Yanmar Agricultural Equipment (China)—

Repairing the rural elementary schools’ playgrounds.
Repairing the rural elementary schools’ playgrounds.

Yanmar Agricultural Equipment (China) has repaired playgrounds for elementary schools in Feidong district, Anhui province, presented teaching facilities and 50 sets of learning materials, worth 43,000 yuan in May 2017.

These schools are only operated based on students’ tuition fees and are not equipped with teaching facilities or associated infrastructure. Therefore, Yanmar Agricultural Equipment (China) consulted with school officials and supported the repair of related infrastructures for students because of their passion for sports.

Jakarta Japanese School Students Gain Work Experience
—PT. Yanmar Diesel Indonesia—

Students trying to assemble engine parts
Students trying to assemble engine parts

Yanmar Diesel Indonesia has accepted three second-year students of Jakarta Japanese Secondary School for work experience in February 2018. Through observing the actual equipment of agricultural machinery as well as visiting the assembly line at the plant, they experienced the removal and installation of the water cooled horizontal single cylinder diesel engine.

Listening to positive impressions from participating students such as "I am very happy when the engine starts safely" or "In the future, I would like to implement useful works for everyone overseas" , presents a very meaningful work experience for the students.

Collaborating with an NGO to Perform Clean-Up Activities on the Beach
—Yanmar Kota Kinabalu R&D Center SDN. BHD.—

NGO staffs and employees who cleaned the beach
NGO staffs and employees who cleaned the beach

In December 2017, Yanmar Kota Kinabalu R&D Center collaborated with NGO, Trash Hero Borneo to clean the beach in Sabah Kota Kinabalu and collected 853 kg of garbage. This activity not only beautifies the area, but also becomes a great opportunity for employees to deeply understand the importance of CSR (corporate social responsibility) and the environment.

YASC (Yanmar Asia) 5th Outdoor CSR Event: Helping at Willing Hearts’ Kitchen

Preparation and delivery at the soup kitchen
Preparation and delivery at the soup kitchen

On the early morning of 25th July 2017, YASC Foundation Day, YASC members gathered together at a non-affiliated charity organization wholly run by volunteers known as Willing Hearts, to carry out a CSR event. Willing Hearts operates a soup kitchen that prepares, cooks and distributes about 5,000 daily meals to over 40 locations island wide, 365 days a year.

60 YASC members had helped out in Willing Hearts' kitchen through various activities such as cooking, packing of lunch boxes, cleaning, washing, delivery of food and general help. Despite the tough work required to prepare such a large amount of food, YASC members successfully assisted the kitchen from preparation to delivery of meals. It was a very fruitful morning as everyone had extended a helping hand and gave back to society. A day off was also provided to all participants as acknowledgement of their sincere commitment. This year' s YASC Foundation Day is also a fresh change from previous years as it is the first time Foundation Day is celebrated through volunteer and charitable work. This change serves as a great example on how YASC is able to cultivate a stronger CSR culture and better contribute back to society.

Outreach Activity through Donations and Renovation at a Local School

Students at Nakorn-nayok Providence
Students at Nakorn-nayok Providence

In September 2017, Yanmar Capital (Thailand) donated THB 40,000 worth of classroom supplies, sport T-shirts and equipment, school bags and other school items to the Wathubmoei School in Nakorn-nayok Province.

Most of the students come from poor families and only 2 teachers are in charge of all students from kindergarten to primary school. Yanmar not only offered financial support, but also helped with the renovation of the dining room and playground, cleaning the bathrooms, and other outreach programs by YCT employees. We hope to build a great relationship by supporting the local community.

List of Activities by Overseas Group Companies That Contribute to Society (Excluding the Above-Mentioned Activities)

Region Country Company Name Activities
North America and Latin America America YANMAR AMERICA CORPORATION Collaborating with Student Intern Activities and Teacher's Educational Programs Undertaken by Bartow County College and Career Academy
Providing Conference Rooms Free of Charge to the Local Clark Creek Stem Academy by EVO//CENTER
Supporting Human Resources for Agriculture through the Future Farmers of America, Georgia Branch by EVO//CENTER
Donating to Zoey's Zone for Hope, a Nonprofit Organization of Draits Syndrome, and to Veterans and Beginners Who Suffer from Stress Injuries After Trauma, Through the Golf Tournament Hosted by the Construction Machine Division
Event Polar Plunge is an Organization That Has Provided Financial Support to the Special Olympics
Carrying Out Periodic Blood Donations Through Partnership with the Red Cross
Supporting Education for Poor Children Through Red Nose Day by the Parts and Services Department
Donating Food That Can be Cooked Even by Children to Local Students Through Backpack Buddies
Donating a Tractor Used for Season Harvest at Berry University
Contributing to Cultural Exchange Between Japan and the United States Through the Japan Fest Atlanta sponsored by the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Georgia
Asia China Yanmar Agricultural Equipment (China) Donating School Supplies worth 40,000 Yuan for Pre-School Children of the Bilingual Kindergarten of Xinjiang Wensu Towala Township
Collaborating with the Trade Union and Gifting 164 Winter Clothes, Worth 40,836 Yuan for Students at Wuxi Vocational College
Malaysia Yanmar Kota Kinabalu R&D Center SDN. BHD. Participating in "Hope Gift Charity Run" and Donating the Raised Funds to an Organization for the Visually Impaired
Implementing Explanatory Meetings About the Benefits to SOCSO (social security organization) for All Employees
Organizing a Gotong-Royong (Mutual Assistance) and Repairing Buildings to Create a Clean and Safe Workplace Environment
Implementing Internship Training at Pahang University, Malaysia