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Procurement Activities

Yanmar Group will fulfill its social responsibility not only by complying with laws and ordinances, but also by promoting comprehensive ESG procurement, including human rights and environmental considerations. To make this happen, we have established “Basic Procurement Policy”, and under it, we have established “Yanmar Group Supply Chain Code of Conduct” , and “Green Procurement Guidelines” which describes in detail response in the environmental field, under which we carry out our procurement activities.
We are committed to developing a sustainable society through our supply chain by promoting initiatives in close collaboration with our business partners.

Basic Procurement Policy

  • Social responsibility
    We comply with laws, ordinances, and social rules and promote procurement activities with our business partners that incorporate respect for human rights, safety and hygiene, environmental conservation, and corporate ethics.
  • Fair, impartial transactions
    We provide global, open transaction opportunities based on the principle of free competition and evaluate and select our business partners in a reasonable, fair, and impartial manner.
  • Trusted relationships and mutual development
    We deepen mutual understanding with our business partners from a long-term perspective and strive to build trusted relationships to promote mutual development.
  • Consideration for the global environment
    To provide environmentally friendly products, we strive to select business partners, goods, and services which reduce environmental impact.

(January 2023)

Supply Chain Code of Conduct

Based on “Basic Procurement Policy”, we summarize what we would like to work on together with our business partners in “Yanmar Group Supply Chain Code of Conduct” from the perspective of corporate social responsibility. We would like to our business partners to strive to introduce and promote the following committed efforts.

Green Procurement Guidelines

Yanmar Group is currently promoting green procurement to reduce environmental burdens throughout its supply chain. We hope to promote it together with our business partners according to “Green Procurement Guidelines“ and appreciate your cooperation.