Home News Yanmar Europe honoured with the Deshima 2023 Award in the 'Well-Established' category

Yanmar Europe honoured with the Deshima 2023 Award in the ‘Well-Established’ category

We are proud to announce that Yanmar Europe has been honoured with the Deshima 2023 Award in the ‘Well-Established’ category. The prestigious award was presented on Monday, 11 December 2023, by the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and the Dutch-Japanese Trade Federation DUJAT.

Yanmar Europe’s recognition for the Deshima Award stems from its initiatives promoting sustainable solutions and contributing to Social Corporate Responsibility within the Netherlands. According to the Deshima Awards jury report: ‘Yanmar has proven to be of great value to the city of Almere, the province of Flevoland, and the Netherlands through its unique economic, social, and cultural contributions.’

Samir Laoukili, President & CEO at Yanmar Europe

We are incredibly grateful to have received the esteemed Deshima Award. This recognition is a testament to the many years of dedication and the collaborative spirit of the entire team, and the unwavering support of the city of Almere and the province of Flevoland. Together, we are shaping a sustainable and socially responsible future.

Commitment to sustainability

The jury considered that at the core of all Yanmar’s corporate activities is a commitment to sustainability: ‘Achieving Maximum Prosperity with Minimum Resources.‘ This is reflected in Yanmar’s pursuit of decarbonisation and its striving to become an ‘ecologically footprint-free, GHG-free corporation with its Green Challenge strategy. But also, through the company’s electrification and ultra-high fuel efficiency solutions and its close collaboration with the municipality of Almere in the city’s energy transition efforts.

Yanmar and ELEO: ambitious electrification objectives

In 2022, Yanmar acquired a majority stake in ELEO Technologies, a fast-growing Dutch battery technology company, further underpinning Yanmar’s dedicated initiatives towards sustainability. ELEO focuses on pioneering battery technology, enabling the most challenging machines and vehicles to go electric.

Bas Verkaik, co-founder & CEO of ELEO Technologies

We are very proud to be recognised alongside Yanmar Europe for the Deshima Netherlands Awards 2023. This acknowledgement reflects our joint commitment to driving sustainable solutions and contributing to a brighter and more sustainable future.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Additionally, Yanmar Europe’s commitment extends to actively supporting and promoting local activities, such as the Yanmar Almere City Run, a local Beehive Project, sponsorship of the Almere City Football Club, and investing in future generations. Yanmar provides secondary school students the opportunity to gain real-world experiences at Yanmar, preparing them for the job market.

Promotor of Dutch-Japanese relations

The jury further appreciated Yanmar Europe’s long-standing commitment to improving mutual understanding and business ties between Japan and the Netherlands. Yanmar’s proactive involvement in both the Dutch and Japanese business communities, along with its sponsorship of events such as the annual Japan Festival in Amstelveen and the Cherry Blossom Festival in Almere, underlined this commitment.

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Home News Yanmar Europe honoured with the Deshima 2023 Award in the 'Well-Established' category
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