YANMAR Technical Review

Editor’s Postscript

October 27, 2015

The seasons change quickly, with the heat of summer now gone, and already deep into autumn, we are now publishing our third issue. This time, in addition to technical papers and introduction of products, we have also included two articles of a somewhat different nature.

The first of these is about the “Ytec” Yanmar Technical Symposium 2015. An annual event held for the first time last year, Ytec brings together engineers who produced excellent work over the previous financial year.

This year’s symposium, the second, was made up of a two-day program that included lectures from experts from inside and outside the company, presentations on notable technical contributions, and discussions on specific topics. Being invited to Ytec is a mark of engineering excellence and a distinction that is recognized throughout the company. Because engineers who would not otherwise have a chance to meet are able to get together with Ytec as a common bond, it is hoped that the event will give rise to new synergies in R&D through contacts between people.

The second article describes “cnct–partner,” a secure file exchange system for improving the speed of R&D.

With the aim of speeding up the pace of R&D, recent years have seen an increase in the number of projects that involve working with external partners, such as universities or other companies. This information system (cnct-partner) is used to ensure the secure and speedy exchange of technical information during this cooperative work. The system provides a secure platform for exchanging information by determining the level of access based on the importance of the information and on the level of information management at the partner organization. By allowing users to exchange information quickly and confidently, it is expected to help increase the pace of R&D.

Future issues of YANMAR Technical Review will include further articles of this nature describing information systems or mechanisms for supporting R&D. I hope you find something that interests you in the initiatives taking place here at Yanmar.

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