YANMAR Technical Review

Editor's Postscript

July 27, 2016

How are all of our readers getting along in the hot summer months, which appear to be characterized by a succession of major events and important news from around the world, including the UK voting to leave the EU, the Rio Olympics, and the Upper House elections in Japan.

This issue features product articles introducing the IHT Transaxle for lawn tractors (which boasts the top share of the North American market) and a biogas co-generation system, and also two technical articles from each of the Research & Development Center and Power Solution Business.

The biogas co-generation system burns methane gas obtained from biomass, a biologically derived resource. By making positive use of renewable energy, it is helping put in practice both Yanmar’s mission statement of creating a sustainable future and realizing an energy-saving society, one of our four future visions.

At Yanmar R&D Europe, our research base in Europe, we are working on research that targets the next generation of techniques for making effective use of energy, including microgrids that utilize renewable energy.

YANMAR Technical Review will continue to present the company’s latest initiatives, and I look forward to your ongoing reading with pleasure.

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