YANMAR Technical Review

Editor's Postscript

October 5, 2017

On the occasion of YANMAR Technical Review's third year of publication, I would like to thank all of you for your zealous reading.

My job as editor preparing articles for publication has impressed upon me how engineers and developers incorporate their ideas into our products and how they sincerely work on their research and development. And today, I have an announcement to make about the publication: starting from this issue we will be switching our frequency of publication from four times a year to two times a year. With more time available for preparing and editing articles, we will be able to provide more selective and complete contents. You can look forward to the next issue coming out in April 2018.

Although I have been involved in the editing of this journal since its inception, I had no prior experience of reading publications introducing technologies and products. This was due to my impression that the specialist publications read by people working in engineering and development were too stiff and formalistic in terms of contents. What I found in this journal, however, was that, while a degree of formalism and stiffness is required to read for its technical contents, the easy to understand explanations and the use of diagrams and photographs to illustrate the technologies and products caught my interest and had me reading the articles right through to the end. While the mathematical expressions remain too academic for me to understand at all, they fascinate me like the mysterious designs. I am delighted to think that all of you, each with your own different perspectives, can read this journal with interest.

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