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YANMAR Marine International Energy Transition Strategy Statement

The challenge to protect our planet and care for the natural environment is touching all our lives, every day. For sailors and boaters with an innate passion and respect for the world’s oceans, lakes and waterways, there is a growing demand for sustainable solutions which contribute to decarbonization. Current and new generations are expressing a determined desire to adapt and make decisions to reduce their environmental impact, so they can continue to spend quality time out on the water in a clean, healthy atmosphere. It is our responsibility at YANMAR Marine International (YMI) to help make their aspirations a reality.

A History of Sustainability

Inspired by the original YANMAR founding spirit and the mission for ‘A Sustainable Future’, YMI continues to be driven by a focus on giving back to society in a sustainable manner as leading suppliers of innovative engines and technology-driven marine propulsion systems. YMI’s response to today’s challenges is a natural evolution of a strategy built on objectives which support the move towards greener solutions.

We have set a firm course to develop, evaluate and commercialize new technology that will offer sustainable, innovative and reduced emission solutions for our customers and partners in the sail and power leisure sectors, as well as for high-speed commercial vessels. YMI’s energy transition plan works in tandem with the YANMAR GREEN CHALLENGE 2050 – an ambitious company-wide goal to become an ecological footprint-free, GHG-free corporation that runs on recycled resources.

Changing Boating and Redefining Leisure Time

YMI is committed to building solutions focused on safety, comfort and experience, in a conscious, sustainable manner. We will develop and combine technologies to create low carbon solutions towards decarbonization, while also fulfilling the appetite for life-affirming experiences, excitement and adventures.

We will develop marine propulsion products and systems which emit less CO2, uniting the YANMAR visions for society with YMI’s dedication to building solutions that will change boating and redefine leisure time. YMI has instigated a realistic strategy to achieve short-term results for customers, alongside our ambitious long-term vision to fundamentally change boating and the way boaters enjoy time on the water, meeting the expectations and values of the next generation.

Leading in Innovation and Technology

YMI’s Energy Transition strategy is focused on hybridization, electrification, and energy efficiency and optimalization. We are exploring new technologies in terms of low carbon fuels, such as HVOs, synthetic fuels and others. We are adapting our products to be compatible with low carbon fuels. We will build solutions for sail and power boats with a minimum CO2 footprint, with a focus on using energy in a different, more efficient way.

YMI joins with individuals and companies striving towards cleaner processes, acutely aware of our role and our responsibility as leaders in the marine industry.


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