Clutch type
Hydraulic multiple friction plate type clutch
Rated Output
154 mhp / 113 kW
Reduction ratio (fwd / rev)
2.51 / 2.51
491 mm / 19.3 in
Dry weight
90 kg (198 lbs)
Direction of rotation
O/P Counterclockwise (front prop) & Clockwise (rear prop)

More Information

The SD15 Saildrive by ZF is designed for use on sailing monohull yachts and catamarans up to 65 feet, enabling the owners of larger sailboats to experience the benefits of YANMAR’s proven range of saildrive solutions. Providing an exclusive combination of common rail and saildrive efficiency for vessels with higher power engines, YANMAR offers the SD15 Saildrive propulsion system with the 4JH80 and 4JH110 engine models. YANMAR’s electronically-controlled common rail engines pair seamlessly with the electric-controlled SD15 saildrive, ensuring clean installation and smooth operation. The SD15’s hydraulic shifting, combined with a recommended folding propeller, reduces noise and vibration, contributing to overall comfort onboard.


  • Excellent hydrodynamic efficiency to improve performance and fuel consumption
  • Compact installation for more efficient use of space onboard and improved serviceability
  • Smooth running and reliable due to hydraulically multi-disc clutches
  • Electric shift control seamlessly connects with YANMAR engines
  • Integrated output shaft brake
  • Durable treatments to maximize corrosion resistance
  • YANMAR custom engine mounts, brackets and breathing pipe extension
  • YANMAR custom engine bed as option
  • Available in standard length (SD15-S) and extended length (SD15-L)
  • Matches with Flexofold foldable propellers for safe and efficient operation

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