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Yanmar Europe shows full line-up of latest innovations for the green sector at Demopark 2023

At the 2023 Demopark exhibition in Hörselberg, Germany, Yanmar Europe will show a comprehensive line-up of its latest compact tractor series on stand E-587, including the recently launched YM3 series. Another novelty on show is the new, vast range of competitively priced implements. Also, there is full focus on the unique 5-Year Warranty for Yanmar SA, YT2 and YT3; 16-44 kW / 22-60 hp utility tractors, an in-company developed warranty and new benchmark for tractors’ after sales value in Europe.

Full tractor range Yanmar

Yanmar is the brand of choice for highly demanding professionals in landscaping, gardening and municipal services thanks to its high quality, productivity and optimum operator comfort.

New, impressive YTAGRI implement range: 12 categories, 250 models

On show is the new, vast range of versatile Yanmar tractor implements. The range consists of 250 models in 12 different categories and is available under the YTAGRI trademark. Competitively priced and with short lead times, the implements are available for all Yanmar tractors – including the new YM3 series – but also make a valuable addition for other tractor brands. All implements are be CE certified for the European market.

First preview in Europe: Dücker front mower implement mounted on Yanmar YT3 compact tractor series. Unique in compact tractor segment and highly competitive in terms of costs and performance

One of the very special combinations on the show, for the very first time in Europe, is a new front mower implement for the Yanmar YT3 series. It is special because, unlike other tractors available on the market, YT3 will be the first 47 hp or 60 hp tractor with i-HMT (Vario) transmission, with this front mower attachment, to deliver excellent performance without losing any speed and power. Costing up to 35% less compared to current offerings on the market, this configuration of Dücker UNA 200 or Dücker KBM 350 front mower with 47HP or 60HP Yanmar tractor is sure to satisfy even the most demanding owner. The engine’s high torque ensures steady performance. The combination is currently being tested in municipality services in Germany.

Furthermore, Yanmar is exploring the use of MX loaders as an implement for the entire compact tractor range with M-extend, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of tractor loaders.

5-Year Tractor Warranty, a new benchmark in Europe

Yanmar 5 Year Tractor Warranty

Yanmar’s new, extended 5-Year Warranty (or 5,000 hours) was introduced end of last year and gained a lot of interest from tractor users across the European market. The new warranty applies to all SA, YT2 and YT3 utility tractors in the power range from 16 – 44 kW / 22-60 hp. Demopark visitors will be able to learn all the details and how to qualify. Over 50% of Yanmar European network has already signed in and actively sells the tractors with the unique warranty at no charge. More and more customers are now assessing the total cost of ownership when purchasing new tractors; in other words, they are looking at the bigger picture and considering the overall operating costs. The 5-Year Warranty underlines Yanmar’s confidence in the quality of its ground care equipment and provides owners and operators with a lower cost of ownership and optimal peace of mind at no additional cost.

Hassle-free tractor service kits and new service intervals

Yanmar further ensures quick and hassle-free maintenance with a full range of all-inclusive service kits for each tractor model. Service kits save time and money when servicing Yanmar tractors, while offering an attractive price advantage of 10% compared to the total cost of individual parts. Warranty is guaranteed due to the use of Genuine Parts. The maintenance kits contain all necessary Genuine Yanmar parts and components, manufactured according to the highest Yanmar standards. Many maintenance parts manufactured in Japan, service kits are directly delivered from Europe. For optimal performance, service intervals have been further optimized to 50, 250, 500 hours or after 1 or 2 years, if less than 250 hours are driven annually. In addition to the service kits, a full range of Yanmar Genuine Parts and Fluids is available, manufactured and tested for optimum safety, highest performance and durability. All fluids – lubricants, grease and coolants – are readily available in various packaging sizes.

Service Kit YT347Q
Service Kit YT347Q – 500h

New YM Tractor Series, unprecedented power and performance

The two new mechanical ROPS models – YM347 (35 kW / 47 hp) and YM359 (43,9 kW / 60 hp) have been designed in line with customers’ requirements for quality and price. Its power, productivity, reliability and compactness (just 1,420 mm wide) make the YM3 Series ideally suited for orchards, landscaping and mid-sized farming. The powerful Yanmar Stage V compliant direct-injection common rail engine contributes to reduced fuel consumption and lower running costs. The engine drives through a fully-synchronized 12 x 12 mechanical transmission that provides smooth speed shifting throughout the range. The diesel particulate filter designed by Yanmar has a long service interval of 6,000 hours.

Completing the full line-up for Demopark: YT and SA series

The line-up for Demopark is completed with a number of SA and YT series tractors.

Full Yanmar Tractor Line-Up

YT Tractor Series

The YT hydrostatic series is a premium tractor range with low-emission, Stage-V common rail diesel engines, which combine high torque and low fuel consumption due to the electronic multi-stage direct injection system. Like the YM Series, the YT after-treatment device also has a long service interval of 6,000 hours. YT3 is the first tractor series under 60 hp in the world with i-HMT (Vario) transmission, making the driving comfort of top-class large agricultural tractors available for the compact range.


The full range of the YT tractors are supplied with a factory-installed, spacious cabin or ROPS. The cabin is equipped with heating, integrated air conditioning and rear window heating as standard.

SA Tractor Series

The SA Series is a very powerful yet compact two-model range of compact ROPS & CAB utility tractors, available in 16 kW / 22 and 18,9 kW / 26 hp, setting new standards in terms of fuel economy, emission control, ease of maintenance, and operator comfort and safety. The newly designed SA cabin version is available for both SA tractor models and is very spacious and comfortable while maintaining the compactness of the tractor.


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Home News Yanmar Europe shows full line-up of latest innovations for the green sector at Demopark 2023
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