Home News Powerful, yet compact Yanmar SA and YT utility tractor range perfect fit for landscaping, ground care, farming, and gardening

Powerful, yet compact Yanmar SA and YT utility tractor range perfect fit for landscaping, ground care, farming, and gardening

Almere, The Netherlands, April 30, 2024 – In Hall 7, Booth 414, Yanmar sets full focus on its 22 – 26 HP SA Tractor Series, meeting the demands of GaLaBau 2024 visitors. This range of versatile, high-performing compact tractors sets new standards in ease of maintenance and control, fuel economy, and operator comfort. Also on show is the 47-60 HP YT3 Vario Tractor: the first true Vario compact tractor on the market with a front-mounted mower implement, combining performance with speed and power.

Yanmar SA Tractor Series – an overview

The SA Series is a powerful yet compact range of compact ROPS & CAB utility tractors, available in 22 and 26 HP. SA tractors offer a flexible solution for a wide range of work situations in urban, green, and open spaces as well as on sports fields, golf courses, and playgrounds.

The 4-wheel drive tractors are built with the operator in mind, offering productivity, comfort and smooth operation, due to their powerful dual-speed hydrostatic transmission that comes standard. Proven common rail engines strike a balance between high power/high performance and minimized emissions, thus ensuring the lowest possible environmental impact. All new SA tractors powered by Stage V engines are covered by free 5-Year Warranty for a long, trouble-free life and peace of mind.

Yanmar highlights 3 different SA tractor models, each with its own specific features, user groups and use cases: the SA222, SA326 and SA426.

Yanmar SA222: versatility, ease of use, manoeuvrability

The Yanmar SA222 is a compact tractor designed for small-scale farming operations, landscaping, and hobbyists. With its 22 HP engine it offers versatility, ease of use, and manoeuvrability. It comes standard with features like a differential lock, side-by-side foot pedals, a comfortably designed seat and options for a mid-mount mower and loader.

Core values of Yanmar SA222 tractors for small-scale green work

• Ease of use and versatility to operate and handle various tasks on small properties
• Precise control for mowing between rows or navigating tight spaces.
• Affordability to fit the tighter budgets of small-scale owners
• Comfort to reduce fatigue during long working days and enhance productivity

SA222 is the tractor of choice for small-scale maintenance tasks

This tractor is designed to meet the diverse needs of various user groups. Professional landscapers and grounds crews appreciate its manoeuvrability in tight spaces and its capability for mowing, blowing, and snow removal. Equestrian facility managers can rely on its reliable performance for stall cleaning and arena maintenance. Small-scale and hobby farmers, as well as rural homeowners, find it an efficient and user-friendly choice for ploughing, planting, mowing, tilling, and hauling, as well as for general property maintenance tasks like brush clearing and firewood hauling.

Yanmar SA326: strength, stability, small turning radius

The Yanmar SA326 is a sturdy tractor built for strength and stability, suitable for small-scale farming, landscaping, and light construction tasks. With its 26 HP engine, high torque capacity and small turning radius with small wheels, it excels in heavy lifting tasks and manoeuvrability. It features hydraulic power steering, true position control, and a wide range of implements.

Core values of Yanmar SA326 tractors for robust green and construction work

• Strength and durability for heavy-duty tasks like hauling and ploughing, and operating implements
Manoeuvrability with a small turning radius to navigate tight spaces and confined areas efficiently
• Versatility to use various implements offering operational efficiency and flexibility
• Precision and accuracy for tasks like tilling, seeding, or fertilizing

SA326 is the tractor of choice for users in search for power and compactness

This tractor is essential for a range of users, from small-scale farmers who need robust machines for cultivation and livestock management to landscapers and lawn care professionals seeking versatile tractors for mowing and soil preparation. Equestrian facilities benefit from its reliability and precise control for tasks like manure removal and pasture maintenance. Small construction contractors appreciate its compact power for grading, levelling, backfilling, and material handling, while rural property owners rely on it for maintenance and light agricultural work.

Yanmar SA426: high performance, productivity, reliability

The Yanmar SA426 is a high-performance tractor with a large, more robust tire package than the SA326 and suited for middle-scale farming, commercial landscaping, and medium-sized agricultural operations. Designed for challenging terrain properties, the Yanmar SA424 has a higher ground clearance and is incredibly strong and stable under tough conditions. With its 26 HP engine, large, tough wheels, and emphasis on speed and efficiency, it excels in tasks requiring productivity and reliability. It features a deluxe seat, long operating time on a single tank, and a rugged design.

Core values of Yanmar SA426 tractors for mid-scale farming and commercial landscaping

• Maximum productivity and efficiency to work quickly with minimal downtime
• Reliability and performance delivering consistent performance in demanding conditions
• Operator comfort with a deluxe seat and a quiet engine to reduce fatigue on long working days
• Adaptability to easily meet different tasks and conditions, from fieldwork to material handling

SA426 is the tractor of choice for:

This tractor fulfils a broad range of agricultural and landscaping needs. Medium-scale farmers value its high performance for specialty crop production and orchard work, boasting superior power and speed. Commercial landscaping companies benefit from its efficiency, ideal for large-scale projects and long operating times on a single tank. It also suits medium-sized agricultural operations in livestock and agri-tourism, and specialty crop growers, offering versatility for everything from fieldwork to harvesting high-value crops, such as vegetables or flowers. Additionally, managers of golf and recreational facilities appreciate the precision and comfort features that enhance turf maintenance and landscaping precision.

Yanmar YT3, 47-60 HP vario tractor with Dücker front mower

In addition to the SA Series, Yanmar introduces a standout combination of a new front mower implement for the Yanmar YT3 series. This combination is distinctive in the market as the first 47HP or 60HP tractor to feature i-HMT (Vario) transmission combined with a front mower implement. It ensures outstanding performance without compromising speed and power.

This innovative configuration, featuring the Dücker UNA 200 front mower with a 47HP or 60HP Yanmar tractor, is up to 35% more cost-effective than current market offerings, meeting the demands of even the most demanding tractor owners. The engine’s high torque guarantees consistent and reliable performance.

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Home News Powerful, yet compact Yanmar SA and YT utility tractor range perfect fit for landscaping, ground care, farming, and gardening
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