Wake Sports


Diesel Solutions for Wake Sports

Clean. Efficient. Power.

“…for when your sport demands more.”

More torque means serious acceleration,
getting you on top of the water faster.
Significantly better fuel efficiency
means less time refueling on long days.

Longer maintenance intervals means
more time on the water and less time in the shop.

YANMAR is synonymous with sustainability
and has the cleanest diesel engines in the world.

YANMAR Diesel Solutions

8LV Engine

  • Twin-turbos deliver high torque for superior acceleration and ultra-responsive control
  • Exceptional power range of 550 to 3,800 rpm enables easy maneuvering and high top-end speed
  • Compact design with an incredible power-to-weight ratio
  • Large-capacity 180-amp alternator providing high-power output
  • Balanced V8 common rail design delivers a super smooth, quiet, clean and fuel-efficient performance

4LV Engine

  • Powerful low-end torque performance, delivering superior acceleration.
  • 4 cylinder in-line configuration with advanced thermo technology block produces an incredibly balanced and vibration free operation.
  • Exceeds emissions regulations to deliver the cleanest diesel in its class, measuring exceptionally low for smoke, odor, and noise. 

Private Owners

Private Owners

In large lakes and coastal regions, the choice is clear. Choose the more economic, environmentally safer, and powerful option for your boat.

Wake Schools

Wake Schools

More fuel efficient, less down time, and a longer overall service life than gasoline engines keeps your business running as efficient as our diesels.

Super Yachts

Super Yachts

When your tender is your toy, and you benefit from single fuel onboard = win win. Explosion proof diesel requires less regulations, is safer, and more convenient to keep on board.

Wake Sports

Super Air Nautique


+ Nautique & YANMAR have partnered to bring the benefits of diesel propulsion to the rapidly growing recreational wake sports

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Wake Sports Power Solutions

Download our complete wake sports power guide.

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