World Wake Association


YANMAR is Proud to Sponsor

Nautique Japan Wakesurf Championships 2022

May 21 – 22 Lake Biwa Japan


“A Sustainable Future: to provide new value through technology.” This Brand statement is the embodiment of YANMAR’s future vision which all activities at YANMAR are geared towards achieving.

Recreational sports is an area of social fulfillment that YANMAR actively supports to contribute towards the brand’s overall mission, A Sustainable Future. YANMAR strives to provide sustainable solutions in harnessing power to achieve a carefully balanced purpose towards an energy saving society, where people can live with peace of mind, enjoy safe and plentiful food supply, and enjoy exciting and fulfilling experiences.

YANMAR’s commitment extends beyond innovative product development with a social responsibility to support the growth and overall health of the recreational boating industry. 

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Diesel Solutions for Wake Sports

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