The 3G panels from YANMAR are available in three variations to give you critical information in all weather conditions. The backlit displays featuring led warning lamp alarm codes, engine hours and more.

The panels are suitable for mechanically controlled powerboat models 4LHA, 6LPA, 6LY2A and 6LY2M with an option of NMEA output available.

3G Panels Main Features

All panels are standard fitted with:

  • Tachometer digital gauge (running hours)
  • Alarm indicator
  • Key switch
  • E-stop button
  • Buzzer stop switch
  • C Type Panel: Includes Coolant temperature gauge and Oil pressure gauge
  • D Type Panel: Includes Coolant temperature gauge, Oil pressure gauge and Boost pressure gauge

More Information

Contemporary Design:  A rectangular panel display that is suitable for all weather use, with an easy-to-use key switch.  The 3G panels water resistant backlit display helps you see information when you need to.

Easy Installation and compatibility – The Panels are compact in size making them easy to install in the helm station replacing old panels.  The tachometer is standard in all panels that also includes trip mode.


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