Artist Comment

I never stop drawing fictional characters.
When planning a new motif, I may search for more information about the old Japanese gods.
Wolf worship is an ancient tradition in parts of Japan. Deer and wild boars used to eat crops in old Japan, so the people believed that wolves, as predators, were deities that could keep them safe and ward off evil.
The wolf faith that is rooted in the region where the YODOKO SAKURA STADIUM stands today (seen in the Cerezo Osaka soccer team mascot), the changes that keep disturbing life in Japan and around the world, epidemics, disasters … we can say that they are all linked together. For the HANASAKA MURAL, I wanted to draw wolves that can defeat such evil.
I wanted the wall to give people who are alive today and will live in the future the power to survive and thrive.

About the work

We are all familiar with “demons” such as disasters and epidemics, and we’ve all experienced many difficult situations over the years. The wolves are depicted with such impact that we believe those demons will be banished, and the spray can control is impressive and detailed.
The work displays a symmetry on the huge wall at HANASAKA MURAL, and is cloaked in a sacred atmosphere. The mural lets us see KAC's “FULL POWER,” reminding us of the power of a good luck charm.



KAC is a mural artist born in Hiroshima Prefecture, and now lives in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.
He specializes in fictional characters, and his weapons are his flashes of inspiration and sharp spray can control.
The lines that emerge from his hands with great vigor appear on the wall with an outlandish view of the world.
He has participated in many mural festivals and art festivals over the last few years.
He has also worked on brand logos, cover jackets for music artists, and fashion design,
and has provided artwork for various artists and brands, continuing to expand his field of expression in many areas.

Major works

・2020: participated in the Kobe Mural Art Project
・2022: created a mural at Kura Sushi's Shinsekai Tsutenkaku store in ​​Osaka, Japan
・2022: exhibited at Art Fair Tokyo 2022