Artist Comment

When I’m asked what I’m painting, honestly, I don’t even know myself.
What I can say is that I wanted to paint a piece that would excite you or soothe you on that large “canvas.”
I hope that you come see it in person since there is something about it that you can only feel when you’re standing right in front of it.
I wanted to generate as little trash as possible so I avoided buying new tools and paint as much as possible and made a conscious effort to use art supplies that were about to be disposed of.

About the work

When children create art, it is “free” and they aren’t concerned about what other people think of it. At times, it can also make adults realize something or uplift them.
While there was a sketch before the actual piece was painted, Jun Inoue’s art was updated upon encountering the vitality of children.
With the combination of various elements, including liberation, timing, and vigor, the piece provides the city with a new color.
The mural is one that frees you from the notion that “art has to be drawn with clean lines or that you can’t enjoy art because it’s too complex.” It is a mural that shouts, “just simply enjoy it!”



Inoue paints Japan’s unique, delicate spirituality using abstract lines, creating characteristic “spaces” in the piece. The exquisite feeling, like the merging of modern sensibilities with traditional spirit excites the viewer’s consciousness.
His constantly changing expressive style can be seen through the piece, “rising up” from the flat surface and shows the fusion of a variety of fields, such as fashion and display design.

Major works

・2010: created a mural for Nike US headquarters
・2012: live painting at Mihara Yasuhiro's Paris Collection
・2017: live painting at Worldwide Festival, the largest music festival in the South of France