Artist Comment

The concept of HANASAKA MURAL is basically “enjoy art purely!“, and that is what the girl drawn in the mural and the entire artwork this time means. I hope you enjoy in your own perspective and find how art is limitless.

About the work

The girl depicted in the work enjoys art as she is, and the work conveys the idea that children should be pure and innocent, even (or not) with the Corona disaster.
The realistically drawn girl, which only PHIL can create, is depicted in such detail, including the texture of their skin and the wrinkles and shadows in her clothes, that it could easily be mistaken for photographs.
PHIL, who believes that “art should be enjoyed by the viewer who has a blank space to interpret the work in various ways,” adopted a slightly venomous expression on the boy depicted by the girl and a tongue protruding out, as if he were somewhat overcome by the heat, in order to avoid any bias in his impression of the work.
The “sense of discomfort” created by mixing different elements in the work makes it a mural work that viewers can enjoy with their own interpretations.



Started graffiti in 1993 and left many works on the streets mainly in Kanagawa. He draws characters pursuing pop and CAN CONTROL.

Major works

・2021: created an artwork titled CHILL OUT
・2022: created a mural for MURAL ONE LINE at JR East Yokohama Station underpass