• 【Global People of Yanmar: Italy Series, Volume 1】<br>From Okayama's countryside to Italy! Life of an expat during his first overseas assignment

  • Can we do something to protect Japanese food? The potential shown by agricultural remote sensing

  • Easy to Steer, Regardless of the Boat

  • HS2000 Sugarcane Harvester

  • 【Global People of Yanmar: The Netherlands Series, Volume 4】<br>In the Netherlands, Yanmar is famous for ●●●!

  • 【Global People of Yanmar: The Netherlands Series, Volume 3】 The food culture of the Netherlands is not as different from Japanese food culture as you might think!




    Y MEDIA is a media collection of stories from all over YANMAR that capture the spirit of YANMAR's Brand Statement: "A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE".

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