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Introduction of Yanmar 5-Year Warranty at Salonvert

During a well-attended Salonvert exhibition in Saint-Chéron near Paris, Yanmar successfully introduced the new, in-company developed 5-Year Tractor Warranty for the European market. 5‑Year Warranty is available for Yanmar’s high-performance SA and YT tractors and comes with many benefits for fleets and tractor owners.

New benchmark for tractor warranty in Europe at no extra cost

Visitors gathered at the stand were particularly interested because the 5-Year Warranty sets a new benchmark for tractor warranty in Europe. Unlike any other offering Yanmar 5-Year Tractor Warranty is an extension to the standard 2-year warranty (or 1,000 hours) at no extra cost. The warranty is valid for 5 years from the date of purchase of the tractor or 5,000 operating hours, whichever comes first.

Total Cost of Ownership

The Yanmar 5-Year Warranty is not just an additional benefit. It gives tractor owners the assurance they need today, where Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) has become a decisive consideration for buyers.

Optimal peace of mind for tractor owners

Béchir el Hedhili, Areas Sales Manager France, Belgium & Luxembourg at Yanmar Agriculture Equipment, Yanmar Europe:

TCO spans the entire life cycle of a product or piece of equipment, from purchase, deployment and use to its replacement. Yanmar 5-Year Warranty addresses these requirements. It provides owners and operators with higher operational reliability, lower cost of ownership, a higher resale value and therefore optimal peace of mind throughout the entire life cycle.

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Home News Introduction of Yanmar 5-Year Warranty at Salonvert
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