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New Series of Yanmar Implements at the Field Test Day in Zwickau

For decades, Yanmar has been building a strong reputation across Europe in agriculture and green management. Our agricultural range includes (sub)compact tractors from 21 to 60 hp, transporters, a spraying robot, and, as of last year, an extensive series of implements. Each machine and product is designed to Japanese standards, emphasizing durability, reliability, and quality. This commitment is why we confidently offer 5-Year Warranty on our new YT and SA tractors with Stage-5 engines.

Extensive YTAGRI implement series

The latest edition to our agricultural offerings is a comprehensive assortment of implements. In 2023, we launched, under the YTAGRI brand, a range of over 250 implements across 12 categories to cover all common tasks in agriculture, landscaping, and municipal services. Alle implements are customized to user specifications and CE-certified for the European market. They are produced at Yanmar Turkey and are distributed from our central warehouse at Yanmar Europe in the Netherlands.

Phased market introduction

Introducing a new offering of this size requires a phased approach to the market, according to Henk Schuringa, Sr. Product Specialist Agri at Yanmar Europe.

We started with around 50 different implements, including square baler machines, rotary tillers, and flail mowers, intended not just for agricultural users but also for municipal workers, landscapers, and greenkeepers. Our current focus is on building brand awareness, which we are achieving by providing prototypes to our customers so they can experience the machines firsthand. Moreover, we engage online, at trade fairs, and during our Field Test Days.

Testing in the field

Field Test Days serve as an excellent opportunity to meet customers, allowing them to test and experience our new implements firsthand throughout the day. The primary goal is to see, use, and work with the machines in real-world conditions. It is also a chance to share knowledge – understanding customer expectations and identifying what works well and what can be improved. Not the least, it is an occasion to bring together customers from various companies to share experiences. “This is highly valued,” Henk knows.

Field Test Day in Zwickau

Our first Field Test Day with the new implements was held in September last year in Zwickau, Saxony. This location in Germany was specifically chosen due to its significance as a key market for Yanmar, both for agriculture and for municipal and landscaping services, and its central position for customers in Central Germany and the Czech Republic. In total, 19 Yanmar dealers came together. A local farmer, a customer of one of the dealers, provided fifteen hectares of agricultural land for thorough testing of the various implements.

Eight implements on test

From each range, four commonly used implements were selected. For the heavier agricultural applications, these included a chisel subsoiler, stiff shank field cultivator, and two-disc harrows of 3 and 4 meters, paired with a 180 hp Arion 660 Claas tractor. For municipal and green management tasks, we displayed a flail mower, rotary tiller, small square baler machine, and small conventional plough, all operated with a 60-hp YM359 Yanmar tractor.

Positive feedback

After a day full of mowing, tilling, ploughing, and baling, positive comments were numerous. Henk Schuringa: “Our dealers were pleasantly surprised by the performance and ease of use of the implements. With just a few setting adjustments, they were ready to go; almost ‘out of the box’. The compatibility of our machines with various brands was also highly appreciated, demonstrating their ease of use with a Yanmar tractor or any other brand, such as Ford, New Holland, or Claas.”

Our latest implement: the YTAGRI stone burier

Currently, over fifty YTAGRI implements are available in Europe, with the range rapidly expanding. The stone burier, one of our newest additions, is a power harrow that effectively buries stones below the surface level and prepares a seeding bed. The need for a reliable, affordable stone burier was identified during the Field Test Day in Zwickau, and we responded swiftly. Within five months, we moved from prototype to production; an example of our agility and commitment to meet market demands.

Four operations in one step

The YTAGRI stone burier stands out by combining four operations in one step. It buries stones 4-10 cm below the surface, loosens the soil, levels, and lays down a flat seeding bed for immediate grass sowing. Unique is that the soil lateral guide plate has a depth adjustment based on springs, allowing for optimal performance even with lighter (sub)compact tractors. The stone burier’s construction uses a more robust steel type than most comparable machines. This ensures durability suitable for the heavy-duty work it is designed for, making it an attractive option for municipal workers and landscapers.

Looking ahead: Field Test Day 2024

After a successful first Yanmar Field Test Day, we are already looking forward to the next edition scheduled for mid-2024 in Northern Germany, enabling us to welcome participants from Poland and Denmark as well. Meanwhile, local dealers are available for more information and demonstrations.

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