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YANMAR Almere City Run 2023

Yanmar Almere City Run 2023 took place on 18th June in Almere, 20km from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Almere has been home to Yanmar Europe for the past 34 years.

The Almere City Run has long been one of the biggest running events in Almere. It is made possible by the municipality, volunteers and of course, the runners. Yanmar sponsored the 4 Mile the previous year and has been participating since 2015. Now, we are the title sponsor of the Yanmar Almere City Run.

It is an excellent way to give back to the community that has contributed to the success of Yanmar Europe and where most of our employees live. What started for us as an individual employee activity grew through 50 enthusiastic runners into the title sponsor we are today.

Yanmar Europe’s teams total 55 runners, all of whom run through the city in red and white T-shirts, the colours of our Japanese origin. This sporting event is the perfect opportunity for our community to come together and celebrate health and fitness. Many kids, partners and friends came to cheer despite the hot weather.

Our Business Team won the first prize in the 4 Mile distance. Luuk Tigelaar, part of the winning business team, also won the second prize in an individual distance. We asked him a few questions.

How did you come to run so fast?

Last year, when I moved to Groningen for my studies, I joined the local student athletic association. My speciality is the 800 m, but I also like to run longer distances, such as the 4 miles.

This is your 1st ACR with Yanmar, correct? How did you experience it?

Yes, it is indeed. I enjoyed it very much. There was a nice atmosphere, friendly people, and it was fun to race against my father.

Do you have any inspiration for those who were not running?

If you want to start running, make sure you choose the location and pace that works best for you. Start easy, take your time and then you’ll get there! By running, you get positive energy.

Luuk Tigelaar

We have promoted the values of health, fitness, and community spirit. Such events provide an opportunity for individuals and teams to challenge themselves and create lasting memories.

Participating in the Yanmar Almere City Run not only promotes physical well-being but also fosters a sense of unity and togetherness. It encourages people from different backgrounds and professions to come together and share a common goal, which is to stay active and celebrate a healthy lifestyle. In Almere, our city!

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Home News YANMAR Almere City Run 2023
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